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The Squat-Shitter

So, it’s 6 AM. I walk into the gym and notice a guy is already in there, set up in a squat rack, squatting away and letting everyone know about it (arghhh!). The 45+25 on each side must have been made out of something other than iron…

Anyway, I put my shit in the locker, and come out to foam roll before getting into my pull ups. I look over at the squatting guy (he’s dressed like an extra in an 80s Madonna video: headband, high socks, cotton workout shorts, and a cut up sweatshirt), and he lets out another giant yelp.

He just shit his pants.

Not even kidding.

This is where it gets good.

He tries to rack the weight as quickly as he can, and being thrown off from just SHITTING himself, he is unbalanced and the weights come tumbling off of the bar as he tries to set it down. One end of the bar goes up in the air, the other end loses its weights, then the guy takes off running towards the bathroom.

The fart he let out during the rep was unreal. So squeaky and wet. Horrific.

I haven’t seen him since and didn’t see him come out of the locker room.

I had a pretty good workout, after I stopped laughing.

The gym is one crazy place…

at least he is squating and it seems like he was actualy trying

Funny shit.

Thanks. I almost busted a stitch laughing. Literally.