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The Squat Douchebag Thread


To counteract all the douche bag squats, I present to you the greatest squat/deadlift ever.


It's all fun and games until you blow out your back.


Umm..that's at our gym...and it was a spoof after Steve left...he posted it on his blog on EFS awhile back....


yea but you gotta admit that was pretty fucking cool


i just noticed the baby plates hangin from a chain on his neck...even cooler


Orly? ok.

My back spasmed from just watching that.


For a joke that looks like fun. If a guy really was doing that I'd have to laugh, but in the bad way.


That was damn funny. A true d-bag could never pull that off. The weighted neck harness added +10 lol's.



I lol'ed


damn that squat/dead was classic!

i mean... if you are going to blow out your back doing something, could you imagine a better way to go?


That's your gym? Nice fucking rack (no pun intended)


I'd hate to see him land a date with the prom queen.


One time me and a buddy curled 135 together (we were 18 or 19) in the rack but we didn't communicate properly as I thought we would curl it once and rerack it on the pins but he thought we were going to curl it and then put it on the floor. Since there were no collars it was a noisy mistake.


is it me or is squatting whilst deadlifting not the same unless it involves midgets?


Apparently, it is our gym.

I feel like a tard for not recognizing it.


That guy is so money...

He doesn't even know how money he is.


This was just posted on my facebook wall today... lold for hours


So you like squatting midgets? He set the world record for his weight class and beat the record for the next 3 weight classes up. http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/records/raw/world http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zy9hIFIm1ZI
Not a douchebag, just a bizarre\oddity lift.