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The Squat Douchebag Thread


Forgive me my evil spriti, but I can't contain myself any longer..

This forum badly needs a thread like this. The point of this thread is to find the squat video that scores the highest on the squat douchebaggery scale.

RULES: Points are given like I've done below, if you can't find a point rule for something, then make some sensible douchebag score yourself.

The ratings:

Douchebag points:

  1. Haircut +5 douchebag points.
  2. Pant +2 douchebag points.
  3. Smith machine +10 douchebag points.
  4. Gloves +2 douchebag points.
  5. Pussy pad +5 douchebag points.
  6. Lack of Depth +5 douchebag points.
  7. Jerking and shaking of the bar before the first rep +1 douchebag point..
  8. The music +5 douchebag points.
  9. For putting on 15kg plates to make it look like it's more than it really is. +2 douchebag points.


  1. Infinite douchebag points. Dynamic Integration(tm) Accelerator_Legs guy.
  2. 37 points, anonymous swedish dude with mohawk haircut.



I see no point to this thread. Watching crappy squatting will never help you. It's bad enough when you're forced to see it in the real world.


i wish the first one with the awesome hair would've screamed with every rep


hey at least he hit depth




I think this is funny although I'm awarding 0 douchebag points.


"My feet are inside of me!!!!"


I award 100 douchebag points to Mr.Smith. He will win this comp, hands down!


wow, that takes skill


I agree and would award another 2-3 points for using a bunch of 15kg plates to make it look like he is lifting more weight than he really is...


I'll just leave this here...


+5 for not allowing comments or likes (dislikes) on his youtube video


Not me in the foreground...check out my buddy in the background.


Now that is funny. Lol. Wow


I am surprised I did not think of that. I guess the visual display of smith, gloves and pussy pad blinded me!


He's doing leg presses on the smith machine. It's the new Charles Glass movement for the quads.


i fucking hate people


You're so dramatic.


haha i don't think so, i just don't get why people think what they are doing is good.