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The Squat Curl (Squirrel)


Ahahaha unreal! He should combine the deadlift and bench press next.


Is he serious?


Look at the rest of his videos...



I had to sign in and post,that is the most retarded thing I've ever seen regarding weight training.If he's taking the piss,more power to him,he's hilarious,but the sad thing is I seriously doubt it.Comical!


Wouldn't a true squirrel (as the animal pictured in his video) be a squat and reverse tricep extension combo? That was strange music for an exercise vid too.


Y'know, I just saw that in the gym the other day. Two guys, one deadlifting and one benching, managed to lift 405.

I've also seen a tandem shrug. Yes, two guys standing right next to each other in a smith machine shrugging the same bar.


This is one the weirdest guy I ever seen. I subscribed to his youtube channel


i dont think so




...I'm gonna try the helicopter lift


bahahahahahaha of course he's serious, didn't you see that mass and definition? I confused him for dorian yates for a moment....




Yea that exercise must really work thew quads.

And the helicopter? Wtf is that meant to do other then make you dizzy and drop the weight on your head.


At least he had good depth


"Squat + Curl = Squrl = "Squirrel". Squatting and curling at the same time. Because these things are usually anti- each other, combine them and get the best of both worlds."

Beats any logic I've heard on this website. [/sarcasm]

I know it's hard to avoid seeming condescending in the different strength sports, but I believe in this case it is unavoidable.


He's disabled comments on his videos. I guess he knows the price of genius is the attraction of haters.


"You have some amazing innovative exercises, can't wait to see what you'll come up with next! You ever thought about writing a book about some of them?"
I posted that on his comments section on his page.


Methinks his subscriber rate is about to skyrocket.


with that kind of leg development how can you go wrong !


I'd like to know where he finds the music for his videos


So I tried the helicopter lift today, seemed to easy, so I pushed up the weight...

...and swung it right around and cracked the skull of a tap out skinny freshman.