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i am sure most of you know of it. What does everyone think? I am calling bullshit on a lot of it…different yes…but does that make it better…i was watching there youtube videos and wincing…they have a bigger biz then me…so what do i know??

Do they train fighters? I guess from what I’ve seen on this website and youtube that training young athletes for college sports is a big business over there, so systems like this have a novelty factor that attract customers. That may be why they have a bigger business than you. I can’t really testify for the effectiveness of all that weird stuff but it looks pretty redundant…

wtf was that

i dont know if they train fighters…but i didnt know what other section to stick this in…i would love one of the authors on here, like cressey, thibs, etc, to write an article or comment on them

They’re founder Marv is training BJ Penn for the KenFlo fight.

And obviously I’m not one of the T-Nation coaches, but in my experience the principles are helpful. More so toward rehab/prehab than Sport specificity IMO, but they’ve had proven success with an array of athletes.

Will it work for fighters? We’ll see.

Personally given the choice between the two. I’ll take John over at Adrenaline Center any day.

i heard bj was going there…i am a bj fan and that scares me…he needs someone to beat his ass, training wise…he has plenty of mobility and athletic ability…he just needs some god old fashion strength and anaerobic conditioning…ive never seen there take on all that

Well in Marv’s defense, he does train football players, and is a former pro himself. So he knows about the basics for S&C.

How much he applies, couldn’t tell you. But I think BJ’s such a phenomenal talent anything will be an improvement over his previous training. And will at least compliment the gifts he has. Maybe improve the quickness and explosiveness he already has.

To be honest though I’m pro Sityodtong, so I’m kind of hoping it doesn’t work for him : )

If your interested in reading up on where Marv’s ideas come from, he has a book called ProBodX. Nothing groundbreaking per se, but some interesting applications.