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The Split, My Workouts


Been doing a 3 day-split/twice a week consisting of:


Numbers have been going up, weight is going up, but didnt want to push it with my new uni workload plus gym 6 days a week so was wanting people's input on this new one, 2 day-split, twice a week, im still a novice so the frequency of training muscle groups should be fine. Besides if MODOK does likes frequency, well hell, ill do frequency too.

Here it is:

Workout A:
Flat DB Press 4x6-8
DB Shoulder Press 4x6-8
Dips 4x8-10
Close-grip Bench Press 4x8-10
EZ-Bar Extensions 4x10-12
Cable Crunches 4x10-12

Workout B
Deadlift 4x6-8
Front Squat 4x6-8
Chinups 4x8-10
DB Rows 4x8-10
EZ-Bar Curls 4x10-12
Seated Calf Raises 4x10-12

Just wondering on the whether the volume is too little, i usually rest 1-2mins between sets. I guess i should just try it next week and see how it goes and adjust accordingly. Anyone done a split like this? Dont really think upper/lower splits work, too much volume on upper body day.



There is no way in hell I would train that way unless I wanted my progress to DECREASE. Not one body part appears to be getting enough attention. I have a BACK DAY for a reason. It takes that much to stimulate growth and to give it enough attention. Your arm training has been narrowed down to basically "chin ups and one exercise of ez bar curls". Why is your class work preventing you from hitting the gym like you were previously when you claim you were making progress?

Why the hell do so many of you quit doing what works?


Yea this isn't that good. I don't understand why beginners design their own programs. Too little volume? There is no way in hell I could lift effectively at the end of one of those workouts.

Check out WS4SB. I understand that is a upper/lower split 4 days a week and I bet you will get much better results from that.


I was changing it because of the time constraints but thought twice a week frequency would be better then just once a week would you recommend that i just not do twice a week but just do a 4 day body part split ie. shoulders/traps, legs, back/bis, chest/tris and absolutely hammer them every workout?

Ill check out WS4SB.


On second thoughts, i re-read "professor x:a request" and saw your first split and its what i wrote above, so well because my uni is split into 4 weeks,1 week break, 4 weeks, 1 week break, 4 weeks, 1 break, maybe ill train 4 days aweek during and then on the breaks keep the 6 days a week split im on right now.

Cheers for the advice anyhow.


That split is kinda crap IMO. First off, you have like a full day for pressing, and it consists of 4 pressing exercises. You then just throw you pulling work and leg work together and only have two exercises for each. Drop one or two of the pressing exercises and add some kind of shoulder raises plus another tricep exercise. And the only way I can see you salvaging your workout B, is to add a workout C and break it up so legs has its own day.

It would probably be:

Front squat
uni-lateral exericse
Leg press or leg ext.

And then workout c:

rear lateral raises

So you probably aren't looking at as high of a frequency. Maybe do 2 on 1 off, 2 on 2 off. So you might go through the rotation like 1.5x per week.


Maybe look into the Big Beyond Belief program? It has a 4-day split.
Or just use a 4-way split...it works also


One thing that I think is worth mentioning is that when you are only hitting one or two bodyparts in a training session, your workout can be as short as 30-40 minutes. If you want a higher frequency I bet you can find a way to use a 3 or 4 way split and still get in the gym 5 or 6 days a week without cutting into your classwork or other obligations.


Way too much pressure on the shoulders, your numbers will absolutely suck on the CGP and dips will be affected too.
If you want a 2-way split, go with something like

Chest, Back, Bis

Delts, Tris, Legs


Delts, Back, Tris
Chest, Bis, Legs

Also, put stuff like Deadlifts last in the session, how can you possibly do your front-squats(need fresh upper back anyway), chins, db rows etc justice after those deadlifts?

Cycle A
-Low-Incline BB 1x5. 1x10. 1x15
-Kroc Rows 1x5, 1x10, 1x15
-Pinwheel Curls 1x5, 1x10, 1x15

-SHIPS 5, 10, 15
-Bent-Over Rope Extensions 8, 12, 16
-Back Squats 5, 10, 15

Cycle B
-Hammerstrength Flat 5, 10, 15
-Rack Chins 8, 12, 16 (or whatever)
-Alt. Curls 5, 10, 15

-In-Human Press 5, 10, 15
-Skip Laterals 5, 10, 15
-Conv. Deadlifts or SLDL or some such, 4, 8, 12 (conv. DL) or 5, 10, 15 (SLDL) or whatever you want

Just an example... This is using Phil Hernon's 3 rep ranges approach... But you can ramp up to 1-2 top sets (different rep ranges) or whatever the hell you want instead. I just wouldn't do 4 sets at exactly the same weight, I don't think you'll be able to progress for long that way..

More like the opposite.


That's another idea.


Ah cheers man, the rep ranges like 4x6-8 is ramping not just straight sets, so like 8x20,30,40,50 etc.

I also think that when writing this i really didnt consider what i was doing, the split im currently using is working, just the timing is off, i pretty much have 4-5 days to gym in between uni and work. So i may do a 4 day split, or even 5 days. Ill see how i go. Cheers for the advice.

I know you gave me an example already C_C but do know of anyway i could increase the frequency i train each muscle to 2x but keep the days at 4-5 days training. If that makes sense??

Maybe a push/pull/legs plus an upper/lower split? Interested to here with whether youve tried something like that?


Just re-read this X, and ive been on uni holidays for 6 weeks so have been doing 6 days a week, and its my final semester so was hoping gym wouldnt interfere so wanted a 4-5 day plan instead.


How is it a 3-day split, when you have 2 workouts? that makes no sense


never mind me, reading comprehension is not my strong suit apparently :wink:


Are you saying training each muscle twice a week? Just do the routine CC posted twice a week then?
Mon: A
Tue: B
Wed: Off
Thur: A
Fri: B
Sat: Off
Sun: A etc

You can hit a body part 3x a week here. Plenty of frequency.

Push/Pull/Legs is basically TBT and to do that and then an upper/lower just seems weird.


No, I asked because unless you are in class 20 fucking hours a day it shouldn't have much at all to do with your gym time. Remember, the guy telling you this has been through heavier schooling than you unless you are in med school, law school or dental school. If I thought like that I would have had to give up lifting for about 10 years.


Thought this needed to be highlight and repeated since I fell into this trap when I was a beginner .


explain the "what works" part of this quote :stuck_out_tongue:


training 4-5 times a week, doing 1-3 bodyparts a session.


yeah but what if you go 90 to 100% each and every workout? thats def. overtraining.