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The Soy Blues.....

I’ve read a couple of articles (over the years), on this site regarding the possible negative effects of soy in protein supplements and in general usage when taken in high doses. I’m just wondering if anyone can tell me why Biotest’s protein shakes contain soy.

Now don’t get me wrong. About every protein drink out on the market today contains some sort of soy product in it. My question is why? If it has such a negative effect in regards to building muscle, why put it in there? I currently take Metabolic Drive. It tastes damn good!

I just want to know why Biotest has soy in their protein products when their articles reflect an apparent aversion to it.

This has been touched on 1000 time they dont really. They have a small amount of soy lecthin as a thickener,mouth feel agent. Lecthin can/is actually very healthy and contains none of the phytoestrogens you need to be worried about