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The Southern Domination


Last thread filled up...


ha, everyone in the brotherhood can send their s.o. shopping while we train

yes sir, will do

Did you see me or PeteS?

haha well thank you, I appreciate that

No, none are planned. Ill be back in south Mississippi two weeks after the July meet, but keep me posted and the TN meet could possibly happen.


FIRST!!!!!!!!! Will be following.


Second! Will not be following. You're too fucking strong. Asshole.



Second! Will not be following. You're too fucking strong. Asshole.



Did someone say "DOMINATION"?

You're welcome.

Edit: RIP Dimebag!


< Lurking >


The name of this log implies "Win" I will continue following.


daaaaaaang! I was two posts away from killing your last log... shoot!


All up in this log


i'm here for the gang bang?


In for massive weights.



Apparently this log is the place to be...

ME Bench

Definitely got some work to do. Started out great, put the shirt on, first two sets went fine, then got the bright idea to make some adjustments, and boom it got bad. Had trouble touching with weight that is normally a smoke show, kept locking up bout inch, 2 inches off. I have some ideas what the problem may be, will just have to work on it next week and see what I can come up with. Made up for the frustrating shirt work with some heavy reverse band.

Warm ups

Bench (full rom)
135 x some
185 x some
225 x 3
275 x 3
315 x 1
shirt on
365 x 1 (easy)
385 x 1 (lookin good)
adjusted the shirt, since I am super smart
405 x dude
405 x wtf
405 x barely got it
435 x had to come up early

Cut it. Tearin my elbows up. Not cool. Work needed.

Reverse Band w/monster minis
315 x 3
365 x 3
385 x 3
405 x 3
455 x 1
485 x 1 (pr)
500 x 1 (ish - I trust the spotter to not pull, pretty sure he did though - video)

DB Incline
90 x 15
80 x 15
70 x 15

1 Arm Standing Shoulder
95 x 3
85 x 5
75 x 8

Lateral Raises
3 x 15

6 x 15

Cable Fly
1 x 30


Your bench is awesome man I'm sure you had the 405 if your shirt didn't fuck you. I want to start training in gear eventually will probably have to find a powerlifting gym to show me how to use it first.


pullin up a chair.

Keep killin it son and don't get hurt!


In for the domination. Keep smashing it, DF.


filthy bitch

DF keep up the good work sir.


Solid shit man, fuck. What height do you set the pins when you RB bench with mm's? I use the same cage you got, and am just curious. With the "strong" bands from EFS, I think I set them 2 or 3 from the top. I think.


Oh My...I am such a groupie...


everyone - thanks for the encouragment and lols

Only time I used the strong bands, I choked em around the top. With the monster minis, those were about eye level, which is 3 from the top (I think).