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The Soreness That Sets In

Coach, I am 55 yoa and I have lifted since the age of 16 or so. (Neuro Type 3).
I have always noticed that my soreness sets in around 14 hours after I lift. What is actually happening about that time? Are the endorphins all clearing out or is this the start of recovery or what is it?

Thanks for all you do.

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It’s when the inflammatory response reaches a peak level.

Is there any benefit to manipulating the inflammatory response?
Benefits to hurrying it?

I have noticed that getting in the hot tub for 20 minutes or so makes it come sooner, like an hour or two sooner. I’m not versed on the subject by any means, though.

Actually there might. That is one of the mechanisms of supplementing with arachidonic acid, which can increase hypertrophy in part by accentuating the inflammatory response.

On the other end, reducing the inflammatory response to training can actually lower the hypertrophy response (e.g. taking NSAIDs around training diminishes the protein synthesis response. Taking fish oil around the workout could do the same and so will ice baths).

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