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The Sopranos


The 6th season starts the Sunday. I love this show, I very seldom get into TV shows like this, mostly because I don't watch that much TV, but I am pumped. What do you think will happen this season? Who is going to get whacked?


I'm looking forward to watching again too. I have no idea who is going to get whacked.

The Sopranos is one of the best shows on tv.


hbo has disclosed that someone is "coming back" this season....this little equation has kept me thinking for quite some time but beasically i have boiled it down to two main people who could "come back" and one person who i think is most likely

first ill start with some characters they could randomly introduce

people who could make random appearances tho they have not been introduced: janices' son, tony b's daughter....

people who could re-appear....the guy who went away for tv's in season 5....tony put him away because he wasnt afraid, he was released with tony b, forget his name

people who could come back....basically to me it boils down to either the russian that paulie and chrissy didnt finish in pine woods...member that episode where they were in snow the whole time and nearly froze to death? or its furio

clearly furio would provide more drama with carmela/tony situation...so i think its clearly the more likely situation.....

as far as who gets whacked....there is no way that johnny sac could make that situation right with phil when his brother died in his arms, i think phil retaliates at the sopranos crew, my guess is either paulie (whos one of my favorites, tho he is very one dimensional he is just hillarious) or sil......i cant see chrissy getting whacked tho it would be more appropriate....seeing as it was tony's cousin who did the hit

with johnny sac in jail it is likely there could be drama between lil carmine and tony......

most of that is just spitballing but i am VERY certain of two things.....furio will come back and junior will not make it through his re-trial....tony will have severe depression after his death, he is very close to him and hes the last link to his father's generation

if you remember the last episode, tony was trying so hard to get advice from jr about what to do with his cousin and jr just couldnt respond in a sane manner.....as tony left the house you could see he knew his uncle was sick


If they kill Paulie Walnuts, I'll whack the writers! DOn't even mention it....


The guy that came outta jail with Tony's cousin was Feech Lamanna or something. I don't think Furio would come back because Tony mentioned that he would be killed if certain people see him. I can definitetly see Phil retaliating somehow. I always wondered about that Russian in the woods, but that was a long time ago. What would he be doing all that time? Unless he had amnesia, but that would sound a bit too much like a soap opera.


First off, this is easily the greatest show ever to air on television. It has everything a T-Man could possibly want from a TV show: violence, loyalty, vengeance, humor, profanity, and incredibly hot naked women.

I think Phil Leotardo will get whacked, because he will continue to fuck with the Jersey guys now that Johnny's in the can. Furio will come back out of nowhere and kill him. With this supposedly being the final season, how are they going to end the show? It seems to me that the only fitting way to end it would be Tony getting whacked. But that's too obvious so it won't happen. Maybe he'll get insanely depressed and off himself?


This show is really the only reason I didn't take HBO off my cable package months ago.


I think Phil will figure prominently through out the season, then get wacked towards the end. I can see Feech coming back. Not sure about Furio. I have always wondered about the Russian though, how they left that wide open. No telling what will happen with Chrissy though, I wonder if anything will happen between him and Paulie. Another thought, I wonder if he will be able to get over the fact that Sil whacked Adriana.


****The guy that came outta jail with Tony's cousin was Feech Lamanna or something.*****
thats right

****I don't think Furio would come back because Tony mentioned that he would be killed if certain people see him.*****
yea, so, it might make for good show! i dont know if tony would kill him tho....its a little over the top when he and carmela did absolutely nothing.....i think carm would leave tony if he did that

***I can definitetly see Phil retaliating somehow. I always wondered about that Russian in the woods, but that was a long time ago. What would he be doing all that time? Unless he had amnesia, but that would sound a bit too much like a soap opera.****

he was a drunk, drunks never have any rhyme or reason....plus there needs to be more tension between two families and i think it'd be great if there was an italian-russian mini-war......the whole johnny sac in jail thing kind of leaves no real enemy for the soprano family. id hate for all the tension to come from within....

....lil carmine is not a real threat to anyone...and is incredibly stupid....besides the russian mafia has been getting alot of attention in the news the last couple years.....


Definitely the best show on TV...

I watch the re runs every night.....its better than anything else on.......


I thought that LONG-TERM PARKING (the Adrianna bye-bye episode) was one of the best single TV episodes I have ever seen for ANY show.

The ending of SEason 5 with Tony seeing the feds coming over Johnny Sack's shoulder just about made me piss myself with laughter. Watching Tony run away was hilarious!


I think this season will be the best. Lot's of action and plot lines. Also a lot of unexpected stuff. The Russians are certainly a possibility.

I see Christopher finding out about Adrianna and him killing Sil, then Tony wacks Christopher. Pauli says wtf and gets out of town. Tony decides to talk to the Feds but before he can Furio makes a cameo and hits him on behalf of the commission in NY who can't take all the publicity anymore. Tony's son definetly fucks up and gets busted and does hard time. Meadow finally gives into her lesbian desires and does a hot girl on girl scene out by the pool and Tony catches her in the act.

Who knows.


Is the last season, the one with Adrianna getting whacked, out on DVD yet? I have been meaning to watch the ones I missed for a long time.


Yeah, its out. I picked up the whole season for about $30 on Amazon.com.


I can't wait till this season starts. Sunday is gonna be awesome.

On the other hand, I'm more than happy to watch the Cowboys' cheerleader tryouts on CMT for the time being.



The trailer made it look like AJ is definitely going to get into some shit this season. Maybe drug addiction ala Christopher, or psychosis ala Janice. I'd like to see Bobby Baccala beat the bejesus outta her. It would be cool to have Tony kill someone at Meadow's wedding (she's still marrying that douchebag Finn, right?). Carmela may kill Tony if she catches him cheating again. Furio may come back for Carm and they both plot Tony's death. I don't think the Russians will play much of a role this season. We haven't heard from them in a VERY long time.


No. Chrissy knew that they were going to whack Adriana. Remember, he was planning on running away with her and then he goes to get gas and sees that poor bastard getting reamed by his fat wife with two kids in the car staring holes into Chris and you can just hear him tell himself "fuck that"

Next thing you know Ade is in the car with Sil and taking two slugs in the face.


My call: Phil goes to war with the Sopranos - but who knows who is going to get whacked. I figure Chris is due - that kid is sloppy.

Johnny Sac is the true mobster on that show. Elegant, ice-cold mofo. That dude is the shit. Reminds of Sosa from Scarface. The true kingpin in that movie.


Holy fuck! Awesome!

That damn sushi place is in my hometown! Crazy.

Tony gets shot, things are going down.

My call is Junior gets killed- having a mafia boss with alzeimers' is far too dangerous. And Christopher is getting awfully arrogant...


When Tony got shot, I thought he was having one of his f'd up dreams!
And yet, christopher is getting damn cocky.


I walked away from last night with my mouth hanging open. And no previews for next week? That's messed up.

Tony isn't going to die. The line with 911 was left open. They will trace the call and find him lying there passed out from shock, with Uncle June hiding in the closet upstairs. Upon medical examination, they will determine that the fact that T was so fat that his belly probably saved his life. There was a huge emphasis on weight the whole episode, with T weighing himself three times early on, Vito losing all kinds of weight and always talking about walking on the treadmill, and then saying how T could die of a heart attack, etc, because he's so fat. It would be perfect irony if the fat ends up saving his life, and Chase loves irony.

Does anyone know what Junior said in Italian when he shot Tony?

Christopher has always been an arrogant little prick. He has a humongous chip on his shoulder from always being in Tony's shadow. He walks around every day knowing that he wouldn't be shit in the family if it wasn't for T.

Does anyone else think that Tony is the reason Carmella's house project got shut down? A $100k Porsche is alot cheaper than a $600k house, and it keeps her from gaining any independence. He's one shrewd mofo.

There are a LOT of people talking to the Feds now. I'm so glad that old cocksucker croaked in mid-sentence. It really showed how the old boys can be so ignorant about rats in the family when everyone was extolling his virtues at his funeral.