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The Sonen Situation...


I don't believe this has been discussed, so let's weigh in.

  1. Sonen did not test positive for AAS, he was found to have a very high T count. As many of you might know he claims he was taking natural testosterone boosters. Something possibly like tribulus. CA has now suspended Sonen for at least one year. The UFC has not promoted suspended fighters before, even outside of the state their suspended in.

  2. Dude got caught in some realty scheme in Washington and lost his license there.

  3. Doubt the republican party will be asking him to run in any political race again.

I was, and still am, a big fan of Sonen's. I think he's one tough SOB, and I think he can still beat Silva. Hopefully we'll get to see that fight happen again.


A. It was doctor prescribed test, he didn't clear the use of a banned substance and so he got in trouble.
B. His year suspension is technically up, but they denied him his fight license again, he can reapply on June 29 though, he was originally going to have to wait until May 2012. They're really making an example of him, they really didn't like how he answered his questions at his hearing, I personally thinks it's all a bunch of bull shit. And I really don't think he fights Silva or beats him again, unless Silva's age is catching up with him. Maia, Munoz, Belfort, Palhares could beat Sonnen imo.


Maia has already beaten him.


Belfort would get schooled, Munoz would get outwrestled. Sonnen might be a big-mouth but he has skills to back it up.


actually, he's on T replacement....he got tripped up, because he disclosed it a while back, and didn't disclose it on his last physcial. since it's a life-long condition, that's why he didn't bring it up again. i'd like to see him ifhgt again as well, since he's entertaining, and has been the first to really push Silva.....well, forever.

btw, Todd Duffy is also on TRT....at 20-something. weird.


Read this : sherdog.net/forums/f2/chael-sonnens-testosterone-levels-1456879/index4.html

I think it can be summed up pretty well in this post :

"The T/E test is simply to identify the presence of a synthetic testosterone (a banned steroid).

Chael had this present in his body, at the time of the fight.

The CSAC does NOT do blood work for overall testosterone levels, as it is MUCH more expensive, and shouldn't be needed because the urine tests find the presence of any steroids.

The problem comes in, and is the point of your thread, when people spread misinformation after this hearing.

The CSAC said, based on the test results Chael's Paid doctor brought in (which were NOT from the time of the fight, but much earlier, and also a few days after the fight), showed that Chael's overall levels were "normal" or within range.

However, NO ONE knows where his levels were during the fight, nor will we ever.

We DO know that Chael SELF injects.
We DO know that fighters are aware that the CSAC does NOT do blood tests for overall Testosterone levels.
We DO know Chael failed to report he was taking a banned steroid on the form for the pre-fight physical exam.
We DO know the doctor performing that physical asked Chael TWICE if he was sure there was nothing he was leaving off of the form, and Chael confirmed twice that the form was accurate.
We DO know that there is not a single document that shows Chael has EVER been approved for TRT/HRT by an Athletic Commission in a state where he fought an MMA fight.

Make your own opinions, but that is what we do and don't know." - GracieBJJallDay


Palhares? lol, if he could get him down. I think Chael would win that standing.

Munoz? Come on. His wrestling hasn't translated well, and few people utilize wrestling as well as Chael does.

Belfort? Hmmm, why not. Then again, we've seen so little of him against top comp the past few years.


It's a bit absurd to defend the douchebag from a moral point of view.

It's totally normal for certain athletes, especially those who train consistently very hard and have diet restrictions/weight classes, to have a Testosterne deficiency.
A supplementing doctor illustrates only the idiocy of our western society here.

Although most athletes use some form of PEDs, he had -by FAR- the biggest mouth of all (quote Rogan: "the p4p shittalker") and THAT is the problem for me. At least have the decency to not act like you're a saint.

edit: in spite of me thinking he's a superdouche, I hope he'll be back in the octagon shortly


What!!! I know and I think he neats him again. :slight_smile:


I think Munoz's stand up is getting to a point where he could beat Chael and I think his wrestling could stop some take downs. All Palhares needs is a little room to submit Chael and I think he does.


The man sells tickets. That's the bottom line. All the talk is an act to hype the fight and the sport up. It's a pro-wrestling gimmick my friend, and he does it well.

I'm sure in reality he's a nice dude with moral and personal shortcomings like the rest of us. Like you, I think the punishment is unjust and is 'personal'. Kizer went on an MMA radio show (forgot which one) recently and talked about his issues with Chael, going as far back as the first Filho fight (the Brazilian tap one).

Hope we'll see him back. I consider him a top 3 MW.


good complement.


wow, i guess harsh weight-cutting is more severe than it seems.


Do you have an article or something that states it was doctor prescribed test? I've yet to hear that.

Edit: Oh, read that post explaining his T use.

Also I do think Chael would have a similar fight against Silva the second time around. I mean Chael didn't just take Silva down in the fourth or fifth round, he didn't take down a tired silva, he dropped him once, and took Silva's ass down at will. Like him or not Chael is going to be a handfull for anyone to handle. I'd like to see him fight Hendo (which would never happen)


Silva apparently had a bad rib injury and didn't get to train in Brazil, two factors which I think effected him.


yup, also it wasn't his usual top guys on his corner.