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The Solution For World Peace


Transform every woman on earth to look like this. We would not have time to fight ...we got fucking to do. All day, all night, every day, every night. TIL THE END OF TIME!


I would prefer that they all look like Salma Hayek. That would be a perfect world to me............


I hope you have better tricks up your sleeve merlin...


For the sake of the food on your table, I hope that you never consider a career in the humor business.



There's more...










No tricks vroom. Just peace & fucking! No wait, I mean peace & love. Nah, I meant FUCKING! Too much fighting in the world, not enough fucking.



best thread in the politics forum ever.


As much as I appreciate guys acknowledging the "world peace" potential of gals like Miss Biel or the aforementioned, please consider:

A lot of guys wage war exactly because of sex. Kill the original owner a particular woman or rip out his testicles, kill the children and heirs, make the woman fertile once more. Burn the neighbours capital, come home with loot to attract some ass. Or, come home with slaves who will satisfy your every need.
Probably only a smaller number of young men actually fight for purely competitive purposes or because they sadistically enjoy inflicting pain.

But it certainly is true: If every guy is to wake up with a blowjob, we can expect the world to be a lot more peaceful.


Boy, if there's ever been a time you've completely missed the point of a thread... this is it.


Maybe he's speaking in some sort of code, you know, like that Idaho Senator was doing...tapping his foot, waving his hand under the stall, and so on.

Its okay, Vroomy, we're tolerant here. LOL!


If we had every woman redone to look like Jamie Eason, then I'd be happy!!