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The Solution for Calves


Have we found the solution for calves???

" The best calf development I could find was owned by sprinters, volleyball players, and soccer players. None of these athletes did calf raises with a pause at the bottom. In fact, their training emphasized the SSC...

"Therefore, I implemented calf exercises that train the SSC and overload the eccentric (lengthening) phase of muscle contractions...

"Winner: Single-leg hop while holding a dumbbell on the same side."


Funny, the best calf developement i've seen is on BODYBUILDERS.


Anyways, we all know bodybuilders only have big calves because of genetics and drugs, right?

It CAN'T POSSIBLY be because they do calf raises.

I bet soccer players, sprinters and volleyball players don't do calf raises!



HAHAHA, yeah massive footballer calves, like Messi or Iniesta!!


I've seen this guy bicepscurl and he had hyyyoooge calves!


Well hell, since my screen name is in the original post.

Take this or leave it, I don't care.

I truly believe that uphill morning cardio mixed with DC-style of calf training at least twice a week will yield incredible results for just about anyone.

I was already blessed with good calf genetics, but since I started doing these, BOOM. My calves are closing in on 19" while I'm pretty damn lean.

EDIT: Just saw the article. I usually only click on CW's articles for a good chuckle.

Who knew that the best exercise for biceps are also the neutral grip pull-up? (Yeah, I AM opening that can of worms. Fahking sue me.)


Best calf development owned by sprinters? That seems like a very casual observation at best. Sprinting does not favor large calves.

Calf development is determined above all else by genetics. You build calves the same way you build any other muscle group, by loading them with weights and eating a lot of calories. Standard calf raises are as good as any other exericse, if they don't grow your calves nothing else will. Genetics will determine how big they get.


My calves didn't improve until I gained a a lot of bodyweight while still staying active (walking around a lot). Along with training them hard once a week.

13" at 145lbs and they are 17" at 190lbs now.


Who has the biggest calves in the business....bodybuilders, who would have guessed, what they do.. calf raises, I dont get why there is such anti machine and anti bodybuilding method crusade in this site by some authors.


people should just do what i did, be born with proportionally large calves. it was so easy.


What gets me is how damn difficult some people in this particular forum make it to actually share useful information.

'Genetics' don't affect calves more than any other bodypart - it is just that it is noticed more. This blanket statement could be repeated hundreds of times for each and every individual skeletal muscle in the body.

While i agree with those who say many of us over complicate things - this is over simplified to the greatest degree.
This technique - if you can even call it that, as it is so vague - will only work for those who are blessed in the area of calf development. For most others it takes a hell more; trying new things - quite unlike any other bodypart IME.
Most find high intensity, high load, high volume, low rest work most useful. Myself included and as i said i am fairly well developed in the area.

And this is truly the cherry on top of a crap post. I like calf raises and do one version or another every time i train my calves, but by suggesting that this is all one needs is... simply put, bollocks.

Thanks for that. You have truly defined genetics in bodybuilding there.

You will find this true of every muscle in every creature on the planet. Sure, you can argue you aren't wrong - but neither are you accurate, useful, polite or educated in the area.

Maybe you could count to 10 the next time someone makes a post that isn't relevant to you personally - as it is to a vast majority of people.

Bodybuilding is about building your body, not building your body ONLY with certain equipment in certain ways - whatever works is fine, and actually recommended periodically.


I was going to post half jokingly about getting fat and walking around for a few years to develop your calves.

From personal experience and notice others, the one of the things fat guys always have are large calf muscles. lol


Hahahahaha funny, yet odly true


What worked for me:

  1. Good genes.

Sorry, but they help. Big calves on both sides.

  1. Being a heavy bastard. Currently 128kg -- that's ~282lb -- and walking a lot.


I'm not obstructing anyone's attempts share information. Others can post whatever opinions they want. The fact that I posted an opinion that you disagree with doesn't make it difficult for anyone else to share information.

Nothing contained in my post implies that calves are more 'genetic' than other body parts. Obviously, skeletal muscle is skeletal muscle. If you're intellectually honest enough to admit that your argument is a straw man, you'll notice that I explicitly said you build the calves the same way you build any other muscle.

The calf raise is not the only excercise capable of building the calves, but it is as good as any other, at least for the gastroc. There is no more direct way to load the musculature than a calf raise. Doing ploymetrics sure as hell is not superior.

To check the consistency of the argument for single leg hops, why would you conclude that plyometric exercise is superior to isotonic exercise for calf development, but not for any other body part? Why would ploymetics be ideal for calf development, but not for hamstring or glue development? That implies that the calves are somehow physiologically different from other muscles, which is exactly the point you think you're arguing against, but are inadvertently defending.

There are a lot of really insipid, retarded personal remarks in your post. "Count to 10 and blah blah blah." I'm not going to derail the thread for the sake of a flame war, but you almost did.


Becoming obese isn't needed, but yes, mine didn't hit 18" until I hit above 250lbs. I am sure they were below 14" when I first started at 150lbs.


I must be missing something.

What is this post in response too?

-Bill, I assume you are commenting on something else and not just making a random post (not that there's a problem with that, it just appears as if there should be more to it). Your post with the quotes about sprinters is the first post that I can see in this thread.


EDIT again

NEVERMIND I noticed there was a Waterbury article on the main page a few minutes ago. I should have put 2 and 2 together a bit quicker


I still don't get why anyone would run to him if their goal was to build big muscles.

I do believe Ronnie Coleman had calves over 20". What fucking sprinters are beating the top Olympia competitors when it comes to calf size and strength?


Fuck 20"!!! That is fucking beastly!!!! Must of been from all the single leg hops with a dumbell on the same side lol


I hope the dude in the pic demonstrating that calf exercise is not exhibiting the "size" you get from doing it. lol