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the socialist democratic party

Okay folks, let’s start a nice political debate. I want all you socialist liberals to come out and talk about your favorite subject. Maybe ‘class warfare,’ ‘the less fortunate,’ or any other mindless scheme you people can come up with to take the money from the people who earn it and give it to the very lowest achievers in our society. By the way, elections are coming up, and I am curious to know what party most people here are affiliated with?

Michelle, a thread made for you! LOL :)~

Strong conservative Republican here, so you can guess what I’ll think of just about anyone that responds to this the way you want.

I don’t belong to any party. About the only person holding public office who I admire is Gov. Jesse Ventura.Evan if you don’t agree with his ideas, at least you know they’re HIS ideas, not what some ivy league political science graduate whispered in his ear.

smacks Avoids in the head


I was recently greviously insulted by some co-workers. They called me a Republican because of my views on unemployment. I guess I don't identify with any party anymore, if I ever did. I think they are all crooks.

How's this work? I get payed (incorrect but easy amount to use) 1,000 a week. Every paycheck gets a percentage taken out for unemployment. I get layed off, do I get a percentage of my pay???? NO I get 50% of my pay, but only up to $404. Now, of course, it sucks to be unemployed, but why the hell is an unemployed McDonalds worker entitled to 50% of his/her wages and I'm not? I have a mortgage and a car payment just like they do! It is SUCH bullshit.

No, I'm not a Democrate or a Republican... though I have been called a Liberal. I hate them all at the present time.

And YES, I still like Bill Clinton *grin*

Wake up guys! The entire rep/dem thing is a scam. There are differences, but only of degree. Look at Bush today, signing a bill to give out over 8 million next year to “people who need help to open and keep bank accounts”. What a load of shit. Anyone so fucking stupid they can’t open a bank account has no business with one. It’s over. I’m through voting. What a pathetic joke our gov’t has become. Wish I could get back all the sea time I put in for the worthless leaches I share my country with.

All your frustrated conservatives and liberals need to look at the libertarian party. This is the party that believes in true freedom, fiscally and socially. WWW.LP.org

Exactly what they need, freedom! But, the libertarian party is just as hypocritical as all the others. not to mention some of its own ideas step on some of its own ideas…

The Illuminatie is running the world. It’s all a big conspiracy so its no use voting. Don’t believe me, look up the Illuminatie on the web and you’ll see. Clinton is part of it and so is Bush. Stop voting and wasting your time. People think we live in a free country, hah.

To BM: Good to hear that someone else has woken up.
To everyone else: Get informed about this illuminatie stuff. They’re insignia is on our dollar bill! Even if you think it sounds far out know that the people involved take it very seriously, even if you don’t.

You’re both wrong. It’s space aliens that are running the country.

Space aliens? I don’t think so. My money is on inter-dimensional phone sanitizers.

P.S. You conspiracy trolls aren’t going to win over any converts until you learn to spell your own drivel. It’s “Illuminati”, not Illuminatie.

Just so you know, spelling is no indication of intelligence.

No, but it is an indicator of literacy, which is a kind of intelligence. A better overall indicator of intelligence would probably be whether or not a person looks at the back of a dollar bill and sees a space alien/freemason/ancient Epyptian astronaut conspiracy. DING! WE HAVE A WINNER!!

By the way, Robert Anton Wilson wrote with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. You probably think Spinal Tap is a real band, don't you? Nice screen name, by the way. Reminds me to take my fiber supplement. :)

How do you explain the ancient symbol on the back of teh dollar bill? Look,people need to wake to the reality that we are not in control. There needs to be a major awakening her in this country and around the world if we are to preserve freedom. How can you say that the rich and powerful haven’t formed a coalition to control the country and most likely the world. The evidence is everywhere, we just need to wake up.

…Spinal Tap was not a REAL band?!!

*Look of profound dissapointment....* Patricia - he he he

ROFLMAO! The government can’t even conspire to properly deliver the mail… Some people will believe anything about a group of people secretly running things, because it’s easier to comprehend than the chaos we actually have.

Do you really think you’re fooling anyone? We all know that you’re one of THEM! And I hear THEY excel at spelling.
I just have one question for you. Did your nuts and dick shrink when they were dipped in blood for your initiation oath or did they have a freshly killed virgin on hand whose blood was still warm, hence less shrinkage?

“I just have one question for you. Did your nuts and dick shrink when they were dipped in blood for your initiation oath or did they have a freshly killed virgin on hand whose blood was still warm, hence less shrinkage?”

Of course you know that ALL Illuminati rituals are strictly private. The only things I CAN tell you without betraying my secret oath is that (1) there was a life-size black cherry Jello-mold goat involved, though in what capacity I am forbidden to say, (2) we held a synchronous private screening of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension (the REAL message of those films is FAR from subliminal, IF you know where to look), (3) background music was provided by Tangerine Dream. Also, fnord.

Demo Dick AKA Chancellor Tuponce the Dreaded, Grand Executor of the Council of the Recently All Right

Green Party. I’m so liberal, my president is Ralph Nader. But don’t let stereotypes fool you; neither he nor I are socialist.