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The Snack Food Thread


What snack food can you inhale like an aerosol can filled with crack? Specifically, any regional or lesser known stuff that the rest of the world might be unaware of. Keep it outside the realm of Doritos, you unoriginal bastards. Discovered the Nuts on Clark stand in O'Hare and I could literally eat about 10 bags of the pecan caramel corn mix.




I can suck down Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies. That's not very original though.

My girlfriend (from Taiwan) introduced me to Pocky, and I churn through those like butter.


Looks yummy


not really snack food, but now it can be :wink:

greatest invention of whatever year it came out.


Pork Rinds!


i bet you can muscle lips


I pick those up at Trader Joe's when I get the chance. I also like iceberg lettuce and/or radish slices and hummus.


Don't pretend you don't like it


Kettle Korn. I'll go to a Mariners game and KILL a bag of it, which is no easy feat.


Those cinnamon covered almonds they sell in mall and state fairs. I've eaten those until I'm sick.


Chocolate covered pretzels... is that original?
Yogurt covered raisins?

Oh wait, now I got something.
Kurma. Oh yes.



breast milk


Gonna need some detail on this. Type slow so I can understand.


Just something more thorough than I can write.
It's basically just fried dough covered with sugar.

Hmm, come to think of it, I like a lot of fried dough with sugar.
Add zeppoli to the list.


It's a combination thing for me.

Swiss cake rolls and egg nog. I love this time of year for that one reason.

Chewy Chips Ahoy go really well with an ice cold Coke.

Big Red is great, for all you lucky people in TX.

Pocky's good.

Can I say sushi? I'll destroy a sushi platter even if it's laid out buffet style at a party.


Chewy Chips Ahoy rule. As do triscuits with cheese.


I know we weren't supposed to mention things like Doritos. But has anyone every tried Doritos with Cream Cheese? That's probably the best snack in the world.


Dry Roasted Peanuts


Oh, hell yes.