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The Slutwalk


So, some women have got dressed up over-the-top-ironically-slutty and marched to reclaim the word 'slut'. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-13739876

This was apprently provoked by a Canadian policeman's (reported) comments from a talk at a school where he advised kids, speaking from experience, to "avoid dressing like sluts to avoid being victimised".

This has really upset some people, mostly women.

I think he gave good, practical advice, based on far more useful experience than any idealistic feminist wuoted on this topic has given.

Obviously, I do not condone rape. I have many sisters and torturous castration wouldn't even begin to punish anyone who tried to rape women, in my opinion. However, I am also practical.

There are bad people in the world, rapists, killers and thieves among them. While they exist (I don't believe we will ever have 0 rapists worldwide) we need to be realistic and deal with the world as it is.

We would advise someone (we wanted to protect from harm) to not walk in the most dark and isolated streets in a city, alone, for their protection. It is not just a liberty to be able to walk anywhere you want, in some neighbourhoods. It is naive and dangerous.

So, while realising it isn't 'fair', I would advise any of my female friends, family or my girlfriend to not 'show off' (aka not dress slutty) to avoid drawing the attention of rapists, just the same as I would not wear flashy jewellery and chains (I wear none) or leave a ground floor window open, as much as I would like to in summer, to avoid the attention of thieves.

Am I the only one who sees it that way?


No, but being in the majority does not change hwo wrong you are.

The stranger who jumps out of the bushes because he is overawed by her sluttyness is practically a nonexistent scenario, 8-9 times in 10 it is a friend, family or someone the woman is in a relationship in.


Granted. I don't know at all how to prevent that kind of rape - can't see how women parading in the streets dressed like 'sluts' will prevent spousal/familial rape though


If a woman is dressed in a way because she is married or because she wants to get married, then that is much different than a woman who is dressed in that way (as a slut) if she has no plans to get married. The first is not sinful, the latter is mortally sinful.


Are woman raped because of how they dress?


Woman are raped because another person defiles them against their will.


Was that why they did it? I thought the article said something else.

[i] "Since then, thousands of people worldwide have taken to the streets to highlight a culture in which they say the victim, rather than the abuser, is blamed.

Whether wearing four-inch heels with "slut" painted on their chests, or jeans and trainers, the marchers were united in their message.

Chants of "blame the rapist not the victim, doesn't matter what I'm dressed in" rang out above the roar of traffic.

"Our culture needs to change - teach people not to rape, not how not to be raped," says 21-year-old student Rhiannon Frame. [/i]


I have to agree, I am all for modesty, but one is responsible for their own actions.


I can't believe you asked this question. Women are told they "deserved it" for numerous reasons, only one of them being how they dress.


No but that doesn't make you less of an ass for thinking so.

Are you telling me that when you see a woman who is dressed slutty, you think you'd like to RAPE her? Most men want to have SEX with her. You are conflating the two and that makes me think you are fucked up and I'd advise all women I know to avoid YOU, in any outfit.


Rape is the fault of the rapist and literally no one else. If the woman were at all complicit in the act then it wouldn't be rape, would it?


Who the hell blames the girls that are raped? Just because people are saying wow you went to that part of town dressed like that doesn't mean they are blaming them, they are just calling them stupid.

If I leave my doors open then leave my apartment come back and all my stuff stolen, it is not my fault I was robbed but still people have the right to point out that I am a dumbass.


Well, as long as she isn't easy, I usually think I want to marry her, the sex will have to wait until after.


I certainly would never rape anyone. Her mode of dress would not affect that.

What concerns me is, I have 4 younger sisters, and this 'movement' (it is now a global protest against the comments of the police officer) could potentially put some women in harm, who would not otherwise be in harm.

Like I said, I do NOT blame the victim. I blame the abuser.

I also would blame a dog for biting a child, but if I had a child, I would tell my kid not to put their hand anywhere near the dog's mouth.

Sincerely I wish women would wear whatever, they are beautiful, and I put no suggestion of 'sin' or 'blame' on women at all. I just think this is a naive 'slutwalk' movement that could result in a complacency that gets people in harm's way


Sorry I should have phrased this in a way that more obviously showed my sarcasm. Obviously i know this is one of the reasons


Any culture that doesn't teach both is retarded.

And, at least where I live, we don't have a culture which suggests it is ok to be raped. Our society does not blame the victim. Rapists are not glorified. Nobody is walking around high fiving rapists. They are treated like the scum they are.

As John has already said when people say "She shouldn't have dressed like that" etc they aren't saying the woman deserved to be raped, or that the rapist was in any way justified. They are just pointing out the woman acted foolishly.

The statement is retarded. A statement along similar lines to point out how crazy it is: "Our culture needs to change - teach people home invasion is immoral, not that people should lock their doors at night".


I think you have serious comprehension problems debraD. I don't see how dannyrat was conflating the two terms in any personal capacity. He was suggesting that some rapists will target women who are dressed like sluts because they have more sex appeal. Stop acting like a child.


Yeah, and some rapists will target children and some grannies and some single mothers, depending on who they have a peev with.



If someone is messed up in the head enough to rape a woman because of "how she is dressed" then he is probably messed up enough to invent his own reasons for it in the first place.

Women should not stop dressing like sluts. This eye candy is practically the only enjoyment married men get from other women outside of their own marriage.

And besides what counts as dressing like a slut? I need some examples, please.


Women are not raped because of how they dress. They are raped because some men are evil.

That fact stated, it is commonsense that a woman, or anyone else, should not get so drunk they cannot function or lack a sense of caution about their personal safety. A person getting robbed at an ATM at 3:00am does not deserve to get robbed but they ARE stupid for going to an ATM at 3:00 in the morning.