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The Slipknot Training Mask = Scam?



Anyone tried this? I was browsing conditioning items and I found this.

Does the mask only increase the resistance to breathing or is there someway is reduces the inspired fraction of oxygen?!

If it only increase the work of breathing by increasing the resistance of air, the claims that it mimics high altitude training are totally wrong. Training in altitude doesn't increase the air resistance (actually air density is lower in altitude, but this aspect doesn't significantly affect breathing). Training in altitude increase red blood cell mass because there's less air oxygen for the same inspired volume, creating a relative deficiency.

I can't figure out how a mask could reduce the inspired fraction of oxygen, anyone know?! Other the training mask is a scam, unless you buy it to scare little girls.


I'm gonna buy one just to mess with people


Hmmm I wonder if has the same effect as being choked during sex. If so I'll take 2.


That seems horrible to train in and there are easier ways to achieve the same goal, ie sleeping in an altitude chamber. In Bigger Stronger Faster one of the cyclist guys made his own out of plywood and shit, looks like it cost next to nothing except for the pump.





Looks like S&M gear indeed.


Haha, how hilarous would it be to rock that thing in the 24-hour fitness! The wierd old ladies and creepy homos would shit their pants.

On a semi-related note, I met Sean Sherk in a gym locker room one time. I think he might technically be classified as a midget.


Wear it to Planet Fitness. Don't break any rules there, just lift the way they want you to, but while wearing the mask. And perhaps wear a lot of leather.


that remembered about the movie In the realm of senses, talk about chokes and sex.


I had the same thought. The ultimate way to get kicked out. Get it on video.


Haha, you would look like a frikkin psycho wearing that to the gym while grunting and growling during the workout.


Someone needs to man up and get a camera go into planet fitness wearing this


And using this


what in the world?