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The Skinny to Putting on Weight

Hello all,

New poster on this site. Looks like there is a lot of informative stuff out here.

About me, I am 5'11 , weigh around 147#,12% body fat. I work out 3-4 times a week lifting weights and doing some cardio.
I need to put on weight. I would like to be atleast 170#. My current food intake is around 1000-1500 calories. I have tried to cut out all the junk and sugary stuff out of my diet.

I know I can put on weight if I eat a lot of junk, but that ends up being mostly fat. How do I avoid this? I would like to gain weight with minimal addition of fat.

Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions on a mealplan. Any advice would be appreciated.


If you are only eating 1000-1500 calories a day, then you really shouldn't be worrying too much about the specifics. You don't have to eat a ton of junk food in order to bring your caloric total up to something reasonable. Over the next few weeks slowly bring your caloric intake of good whole food up to 3000 calories a day.



Ya know the thing is when I wanna put on weight its not completely out of the realm of possibility that I'll eat 1000 calories for breakfast.

Also I won't say NOT to do cardio but you should limit it. Also your 145lbs and I'm all for keeping it mostly clean but you need calories. At this point just eating alot and lifting hard at the gym is gonna get you pretty good results.Nearly 6 foot and under 150 is pretty damn skinny.When bulking some fat is to be expected it can usually be limited for a newbie.


Three words: W T F ?????

Go to the beginner's thread. Read, learn, and EAT! And stop asking stupid questions.



At around 147 @ 12% bodyfat, you're carrying about 130 pounds of Lean Body Mass, and only around 17 pounds of bodyfat. My advice is that if you're concerned with bodyfat, just base your calories on Lean Body Mass (LBM) instead of Total Bodyweight.

For you, if you'd like to bulk, that puts you at between say 18-22xLBM in Calories. We'll go with the high end, which gives you 2,860 calories, which you can just round up for the sake of simplicity to 2,900. I'd say you're in almost no danger of getting fat on this calorie intake, and that It will help you put on some LBM that you're looking for.

Also, be sure to include some kind of cardio, like HIIT, 3-4 times a week, this will also help keep fat gain to a minimum. You're about 12% bodyfat now, and only carying 130 pounds of LBM at nearly 6 feet tall. I totally understand not everyone is comfortable with the "Get Fucking Huge" Mentality of Eating, but just try to keep 90% of your meals clean, the others being whatever you want.

A good cut off point for bulking in terms of bodyfat gains for you would be around 15-16%. You just have to accept the fact that you will gain some fat on a bulking cycle, but if you do it right, it will not be noticable at all in comparison to your newfound muscle. My next question is what are you doing for lifting and supplementation? Good luck man.


A good place to start looking, if you haven't already, is the post stickied to the top of this forum (New to T-Nation?). At the bottom, there's a reference to Vroom's beginner thread. Read it all, especially the nutrition part.

I find the calculator here (www.exrx.net/Calculators/CalRequire.html) to be useful when calculating caloric needs. It pretends to have more precision than it actually does, but it's a good starting point (as are the other methods people have suggested in this post and elsewhere). Using that along with a place to find nutrition info (such as www.nutritiondata.com) will help you better plan your daily food intake.

I'll second what everyone else has said as well. At 5'11", less than 150 pounds, and 12% body fat, you really just need to eat more. Just like you can't get HYOOOGE instantly, you won't get fat instantly either. Bump up your caloric intake. If you find yourself getting too fat too quickly, cut back a little bit (a little bit only!...and maintain that level for a while), and you won't have to worry about becoming over-fat.

Good luck!


Eat food that is good for you, and lots of it. How is that hard to understand? I know you're a beginner, but jeez. Eat meat, eggs, milk, etc. There is a ton of information on this site about bulking up. How are you even breathing comfortably at 1000-1500 calories, even at your weight? I don't know if I could even get off of the couch with that little.


1000-1500 calories and you want to gain weight.....ha.....eat eat eat eat eat......then when you get tired of eating......eat.....then you'll start to see muscle growth.



Thanks for all the insight, guys. I understand that I need to eat and eat a lot. I used to weigh around 165#,3-4 months back. I decided to go on a restricted low carb, protein diet so that I could lose the belly fat.

Now I have lost 95% of the fat around my midsection along with 18 pounds. So now I am going to try to regain that weight back without putting too much fat on.

I do weight training 3-4 times a week, doing small amount of reps with maximum weight. I do all the usual stuff for upper and lower body, bench press, military press, squats, bicep curls, leg extensions etc.

I also do three days of HIIT,30 minutes each.

The reason I asked this question is because when I gained weight in the past, most of it was fat. I realize that one of the reasons for that could be that I was ingesting a large amount of simple carbs and sugars to gain that weight. I will try to eat cleaner now and see if I get different results.

If anybody has any diet suggestions, love to hear them. I will keep you posted on my progress, next month.

I will actually be starting at 145#, 11% body fat.


Food is your friend. You need to work out hard, focusing on getting brutally strong in some basic lifts. (Bench, squat, deadlift, military press, a row, a curl) You need to eat shit tons of food, including tons of veggies.

'Nuff said.


that aint no shit you just need to eat. Im a HUGE advocate of clean bulks but a small container of ice cream has as many k/cals as your day does. hell my oats fruit and milk breakfast has roughly 1000. thats just to get me going. wanna gain gotta eat more a LOT more.

here have fun

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Why did nobody suggest The Quality Mass Diet (QMD?) yet?

I think its pretty good for your goals, and at your weight & height, you don't have to worry so much about gaining fat if you lift with a reasonable amount of intensity.



Eat more food, you need size-fast.1000-1500 calories is a breakfast meal to most around here. Check out the quality mass diet.