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The Skinny Hilary Duff


As you all know, I am madly in love with Hilary Duff. But despite my love I must speak out and express my anger at her succumbing to the skinny trend!!

Don't get me wrong, I still love her and she's still beautiful, I just thouht she was smarter than all those other fools out there.

Oh why, oh why, can't Hilary find this website and adopt the T-Vixen philosophy. If she did she would RULE THE WORLD!!!

I guess all I can do right now is hope that Hil is just going through a phase and that she will eventually come to her senses and start squatting, deadlifting, cleaning, doing pull-ups, and EATING!!

Who's feeling me on this?


Hilary Duff is hot....


Quite insightful. Couldn't have said it better myself.


You got any picture that shows a really skinny Hillary Duff?


Isn't she like 12?


What on earth made you think this?


Aren't you 5'8" and 135lbs?

She can't be any skinnier than that.


I object your statement based on her development.


Dude, WHY did you change your avatar? Go back to the old one. Please


She's 18, DAMMIT! As am I!

Don't make me lay the smackdown of days upon you.


Maybe we should set her up with Professor X.

Hillary - Professor X what are you eating there?

Prof x - Don't worry about it.

Hillary - But professor that looks like a lot of food!

Prof x - My dear I'm sure it weighs more than you do.

Hillary - OOOOH! You know when you're done bulking and stuff can we go to the amusement park and get ice cream.

Prof X - There isn't enough ice cream in Baskin Robbins for me on a mass cycle.

Hillary - Ooohhh I get so hot when I think of you eating like that

Prof - Well tel me about it later. I need to go make fun of people on T-Nation now. After I eat this cow first.


Hillary - Shouldn't you kill it before eating it?

Prof - Don't overcomplicate things.


How's this?


Is that a photo of Hilary showing us a bag with her food for the week?


Hell Yeah. from one iowa guy to another.




Wow she looks terrible there. Tell her to put some damn weight back on or you won't love her anymore. (BTW, do you know if she swings both ways or are you just hoping she does?)


i wanna see duff and lohan fight.

fully clothed, that is. dont wanna scar myself for life.


Fuckin' NICE!!


That's the second time I've been thought a girl. I will not tolerate this abuse!

I am a MAN, for crying out loud!

And yes, I was asked to post a picture showing her super skinniness, so I did.

And, by the way, I'm now 145 pounds, not 135. I haven't changed my info for a long time. Besides I'm training to be a Navy SEAL, so muscle growth is not a priority or really even a possibility.

Now, back to Hilary. Here's my suggestion: TC or Tim, you need to use all possible resources available to you and get face to face with Hilary. Then, in a very respectful and admiring way, convince her that if she hired a T-Nation coach, she could become the sexiest woman ever to walk this earth!! Offer her a discount if you have to. Do whatever it takes! Help me T-Nation, HELP ME!!! It would be good for T-Nation business, too, if a big star like Hilary started giving public recognition to you. Think about it!