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The Size of Newbies


Ever noticed that the average size of the "new to lifting" people are about 125-150 lbs with an average heigth of 5'6"-5-9". Now, no disrespect to these guys. I just never had this many people this size around since I was in elementary school.

With evolution(in the Bible) stating there may have been giants around and as time went by people shrunk a bit. Now I am worried that in another few hundred years, humans may be able to ride dogs as we do horses today.

Again, no disrespect to the littler people, sometimes it would probably be nice to be smaller, rather than a guy who sticks out as a giant. Not that I am a giant by no means but I am over 6feet and weigh 230lbs which seems to go against the average these days.

I guess what this is all about is, I would like to see someone about my size in the "Beginners" section. Or is it that most people my size think they are already advanced. If so forget'em, biggin's must just be lazy these days.


Actually, evidence suggests that people in previous millenia were shorter than today and that giants might have been taller than average people or people with hormonal issues resulting in gigantism.

Perhaps the reason there are more shorter + skinnier people in the beginners section because these are the people who are most driven to increase their mass? Additionally many teenagers are beginners and may have not yet finished growing - hence the lower height.


Its quite simple really. During childhood the body can 2 of 3 things.

Grow a big body.
Grow a big brain.
Grow a big penis (you can subsitute breasts for the girls).

We tiny people didn't get the big body. :slight_smile:

OK, now for the serious response.

Short limbs do make it easier with regards to leverage with lifting heavy weights.

Maybe in the genetics department short people are winning out. Smaller bodies require less food, heart doesnt have to work as much to pump blood, etc.

I think the PC term should be efficient people rather than tiny people. :slight_smile:

Oh, and the stats are that between 5'7" and 6'2" is the norm for men.

I'm 5'6" dammit!


People have been getting taller not shorter.

However I think the development of this horrendous metrosxual culture has resulted in a lot of very emaciated looking people. It's a weird society where there only seems to be two kinds of men, the amazingly skinny fashion victims and the obese.


Big guys have trainers coaches helping them get big so don't need to go asking for help. Myself as an example I'm big (6'8) in hs coaches were constantly wanting me to go out for sports-i was an idiot more interested in parties ext- but the point is the help was their if i wanted it.

Oh and yeah people are getting bigger now then they were before are knowledge of diet has a lot to do with it-lol giants in the past were prob 6 foot hyperbole was very common in old stories- Want a good example look at old school basketball and modern day basketball yeah huge hight change.


Well there big fella, I think the reason is that it's people who are smaller who are more driven to lift.

Because it sucks being shorter AND skinny, so it'd be better to be short and built. If you're already over 6ft and 230lbs, people that size already feel less threatened by the world, and don't feel as much need to get bigger.

I'm 5'11" and I still feel like a short bastard...


WHAT?!? Where are/were these giants? also what is "evolution(in the Bible"? Sorry to go off topic but I am curious.


It's pretty simple really, there are three main kinds of people who work out:

1) Short skinny bastards who want to "get swole".

2) Fat bastards who want to lose weight.

3) People who actually enjoy lifting weights for their own sake.

I'd say 85% or so fall into the first two categories.


A-fucking-men. At 5'9.5 I've had to get used to watching high school kids get taller and thicker than me. It really sucks.

Fuel for the squats, I guess.


You realize, in america at least, that childhood obesity is rising ridiculously fast? It's just that instead of kids being mostly in the middle (from actually doing sports and doing chores that actually required some physical effort) they're either really fat or really skinny. Of course there are still those in the middle but the extremes seem to be represented more these days.


well said. lets just hope most people are lifting to better themselves in the many aspects that comes with the territory. if someone lifts "just to have huge arms to impress the girls" (or something silly in my opinion)...well, you get out what you put in.