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The Situation's Secret...


...is available to you!



I need a shower after watching that.


Good lord that is awful


How many sexual harassment lawsuits are being filed against him from the women in these videos?


The one thing I like about him is that I've never seen him even coming close to breaking character. Never a smile, never a smirk, just taking himself 100% seriously. At least from the two clips I've seen of him so far.


Pushup spotter. Instant credibility boost.


Talk all the shit you want on him. The man is pulling down four million dollars this year alone, just by being a douche.


Well now I know what I want for Christmas


Point being?


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's ass crack would stink like a blend of rotten parmesan cheese and stale Ragu sauce!


You're kidding, right? One can clearly see how he doesn't take himself seriously. I'd love to make 4 million bucks a year just having fun and dicking around. Live is isn't all serial business...


Do you get four million for being a douche?

That's my point.


He's riding his 15 minutes. Can't blame him, I guess. That's the first time I've actually seen him. This guy is supposed to be hot? Blech. lol


I wonder how many times he refers to himself in the 3rd person during the dvd.


The chick is insanely hot. He's a goofball.


They made fun of this on the Daily Show as well was fucken funny, L'Chaima.


My brain hurts now.


Side note, how hot were those women. Damn.


i might get this just to watch those chicks. damn they were fine


I don't understand why whenever this jackoff is brought up someone feels the need to declare he makes money.