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The Sine Wave Continues

Back posting to keep myself on track. Focused on four competitions next year: two sprint triathlons (one in the spring, one in the summer), a 5K pump and run in the spring and a full powerlifting meet also in the spring. Hoping to compete around 180 lbs for all, although I may try to cut down to 165 for the pump and run (my 5K time decreases substantially with a lower body weight and obviously I would have less to bench). Weight now is 235. Lifting will be modified 531 and cardio will be mostly jogging and some swimming. Diet will be mostly low carb-ish. No booze. I will work hard at making sure I get enough sleep.

When I trained for the 2016 NYC Marathon, the first 35 lbs came off with little difficulty. Hoping that holds true this time around.