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The Simplest Template


I’m going to start the program on monday. I was just wondering; can i change rep ranges in the main lifts every week. Something like this:
Week 1: 5RM¨
Week 2: Triple
Week 3: Double
Week 4: New 5RM

Is this too intense and too little speceficity?


I assume that triple and double is ramping to your 2 and 3RM for the day? That’s fine BUT t would work better if you had an “easier” (dont go to a RM) the weak prior to the new 5RM… something like 90% of your old 5RM for 3-4 sets of 5


Don’t mean to encroach @jasanderssen, but I was curious @Christian_Thibaudeau what is a good exercise to use for over head press when the weakness is in the initial movement in the bottom half of the lift (my sticking point is at about eye level)?

I haven’t been able to find much guidance here. I was going to use close grip bench and Zydrunas Press…



DB shoulder press (full range) and especially high incline bench press (60 degrees)


Thanks, CT! I’ll give both of those a go.


So something like this:
Week 1: 5RM
Week 2: Heavy triples with 10 pounds more than week one
Week 3: 90 % of week 1 with 3X5
Week 4: Smash a new 5RM

Also, i have some shoulder issues, like crunching sounds when i extend my arm, what is a good alternative to the overhead press and do you have some good rehab exercises for me add in on monday istead?