the simple life

anyone see the show? those 2 girls are the biggest losers i’ve ever seen. i guess it shows everyone how rich spoiled brats act and how useless they are.

That’s probably because they just ain’t from the country like you, ya Tillbilly. Besides I’d rail on either one if I had the chance, plus the show is pretty comical too watch.

I was thinking that myself tonight… Those two chics are absolutely worthless. I won’t sit here and play Monday morning quarterback, but I’d like to think that if I were independently wealthy, I’d spend a large portion of my time and money doing charity work of some kind. I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet that neither of those two girls has done anything worthwhile in their lives.


I mean did you see that video?

Okay, actually the video sucked. If she were anyone else I would have kicked her ass out for answering her damn phone. She think that the super spy night vision cam is cheap to run or something?

Let’s see, 1 of them fucks older guys and tapes it while the other was busted for heroin possession.

“We’re not spoiled rich girls. We’re normal”


Anyone see the porn with Paris Hilton?

She’s a fuckin’ zonked out krack head who can’t 'gasm.

NOw NOw, she did fuck someone on camera and I’m betting thousands of men jacked off when they saw it. Thats worth while.

fucking annoying!

I jerk off to the paris hilton sex tape on a daily basis, i think thats the most worthwhile thing shes ever done in her life. my too sents

It’s nothing more than a big joke for publicity purposes. This reality stuff has hit a new low.

I’m with you guys on this. Then again if you really take a good look at TV, other than some top flight sports coverage, it is a vast wasteland!

About 10 years ago, with only a few exceptions like some sports shows, I swore off TV altogether. I spend that time on more productive endeavors like reading, helping my kids with their homework, training, or time with my wife.

I can only imagine, with reality TV so hot, that TV has once again hit a new low!

I agree with JRC in that if I were that wealthy, I would contribut a lot of my time to charity work. Also, if I was heir to a large empire like the Hilton Hotels, I would fucking learn how to run a business so I could contribute to it, and continue the family tradition instead of wasting my time strutting my ass all around and think how important I am.

I see a lot of people who are cynical when it comes to Paris Hilton and I think I know why. Thanks to this crappy economy we’re in, people are struggling really hard just to pay off for the basic neccesities in life such as rent, electricity, and food. And for a lot of us, we can’t afford those so we go in debt. At the same time, when we see socialites like Paris Hilton on TV with all her wealth she didn’t work for, it makes us think what a shitty world we live in. Now, I’m not a commie, but I’d like to get out of my $11.00 an hour job so I could afford things like the new Panosonic DVD recorder and GROW! Meal Replacement powders. Hey, right now I have to settle for the cheap MET*RX generic brand they sell at Vitamin World for 13 bucks a box. So, what’s my point? I have no fucking idea because this morning, I took 3 MD6 capsules (the old ones with norephedrine in it) and I feel pretty loopy right now.

If you guys jack off to the same Paris Hilton tape that I have then you either need to

a.) get a real woman (because if you think that’s jacking material, you’re sheltered)

b.) need to get some real porn (because if you did, you wouldn’t have to look at that piece of garbage)

c.) get some stamina. That tape is only like a couple minutes long, and a big chunck of it is just that dude (which if that’s your thing…).

Now, if you do have some other version that doesn’t involve her looking confused and answering her damn phone, then let me know. The version my buddy gave me is some of the worst sex I’ve ever seen.

note to reeshdawg, the economy is gaining momentum. Things are looking on the up and up. I’ve heard several large corporations say they are hiring like crazy, and would hire more if they had the capacity to train all of the new people.

Cut off your fucking TV…better yet, throw it out the window. TV is shit.