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The sick perverted bastards...

 Mike. Dude.Are you some sort of twisted nature plot freely walking the surface of the Earth? 
 1)Kids want and NEED attention. Yes they can think for themselves, but they will also do some pretty stupid things for attention. Worse yet, they will do some pretty stupid things to set themselves apart from their peers. Even worse - to try to get some sort of revenge at their parents! Most likely,a combination of all these factors.
 How many of you had a GOOD, THOROUGH, DETAILED, knowledge of sex, sex acts, std's, std prevention when you were 9? 10? 11? At 16 I still didt know as much as I should about these factors - Don't try to dupe us into your argument that a kid has a good judgement as to what he's doing.
 Let me reinforce the point I made in my previus post - when you're 11,12,13,14,15... You're pretty much screwed up out of your mind. Your homones are raging, you start to isolate yourself, you dont know who you are and you're trying to get an identity, and for many of us you become pissed at the whole world an feel out of control. If you didnt, congratulations - Glad you're feeling good. Cuz here on Earth this is what we went through in our teen years.
 I did some incredibly stupid things I wish I hadnt done - most teens do. This is why we have minor laws.
 Most teens start smoking becase they think it's cool, and because their friends are telling them its good and they should do it. So they do.
 With every point I just made in mind - and many others I'm sure i didnt point out - I would be very scared about what a teen in these circumstances would do if a man who they look up to and see as being good - and possibly a role model - tried to talk them into having gay sex with them, by arguing it's normal and good, and many other kids are doing it too and they love it and wouldnt want it otherwise. The man KNOWS what he's doing is wrong. The kid doesnt know - heck he has no idea what to do with his penis, and is scared if he jerks off one more time hell go blind.<P>
Truth is Mikey - You're wrong. Dead wrong. I hope you never have any children. Seriously. What you said is not funny. It's not intelligent. You culdnt care less about the well being of the kid- not just psychlogical,but the fact that he COULD get STD's from ass-sex with the older f****t - Yes Mikey, thats right, STD's are transmitted regardless of your age and sex, isnt that fun? 

 And just to make the obvious more obvious:    Would you trust a kid to learn how to drive and go out on friday nights to the hottest bar - cruising at 65 mph, and drinking till his eyes pop out? Im sure alcohol and marijuana wuld be the least of your concerns when he's having sex with an old f****t right?  I'm sure an 11 yr old kid, with his 'mature' judgement, will be able to make very sound decisions regarding alcohol consumption, marijuana use, and partying  - not to mention ability [mental and physical] to drive a fuckin car on the highway; AND engagein normal sex with girls his age and NOT get her pregnant...Come on Mikey, 18 yr olds screw  up in his area all the time - are you telling me they have the judgement to engage in safe sex? I dont think so.
  With this exceptional judgement im sure you'll trust them to do the job of a police officer,and a personal trainer after you give them some training right? I mean, after all they DO have the physical, emotional, and mental ability to make a decision and pursue sexul activities of which they know pretty much nothing, and of which hey have  no experience whatsoever - not even masturbating for fuck's sake. <P>
 I'm sure that you'll trust them to vote s to who should lead the country. They MUST know plenty about politics, taxes, the benefits and sacrifices that come with tax cuts/increases, foreign policy, military issues - ALL of which play a role in making a decision as to who you'll vote for...you know, other than who's the pretiest candidate, and who will give you the most candy WHILE cutting dwn school time and increasing playtime;Not to mention making it mandatory to reward kids with plenty of toys, and giving them hard time for pnishing the kids for not doing their homework. Real sound judgement Mikey.
 Because They ARE making decisions about wether to have sex, of which they know not enough, of which they have no experience whatsoever; when they barely know what masturbation is,and how they feel about sex and themselves; and when they are not fully physically developed to engage in safe sex.
 So yes, mike, I guess I do see your point. NAMBLA's right and we should trust our kids to have sex with older adults. Along with drving on our highways, party on the weekends, and perform serious jobs, which they supposedly have the judgement to perform.
Mike. You Moron.