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The sick perverted bastards...

Mike, can we change your name to Mike the Relativist? Just kidding; I enjoy your posts as they always seem to try to make people think, often by playing the devil’s advocate. Anyway, you have many valid points, but I don’t think you’re on the same page with the rest of society, or for that matter wish for a “society” to exist. And that’s fine - I disagree with some of your opinions, but I’m sure you would disagree with a lot of mine. In this case, though, I think that we, as a society, should have a “legal” age. This is similar (but not exactly the same) as driver’s licenses. Why don’t we let 8 year olds drive? They don’t have the reasoning skills to handle it. They will hurt themselves and others. Why don’t we make the age 45 for driving? Because it is entirely impractical along with the fact that after a certain age, MOST people are ready to drive. Unfortunately, this means that the advanced, “mature”, 13 year olds will have to wait to drive and blooming idiot 25 years old can have licenses. No, the system is not perfect, but it’s better than most alternatives in that it keeps our society safe. I’m sure your state’s legislature would welcome any better ideas (assuming US residency).

Sex is akin to driving in that you could easily hurt yourself, and even more easily hurt others. I'm not sure of many 6 year olds that understand the dangers of AIDS and birth control, where most (key - most) 18 year olds do. There would be a huge burden (much larger than there is now) on society from the children had by children and dealing with 8 year olds with HIV.

Also, let's say we got rid of age on sex? Can I perform sexual acts on a baby? How do we measure consent then? Do you see consent as a viable component of legal human sexual activity (gotta throw in the human part!)? Maybe we should start with that? It takes people a little while to get oriented to what is going on in life before they make decisions. Is it fair to attempt to deceive someone still undergoing this learning process (and really, isn't sex just about deceit anyway? :) )? Some people never get oriented to life, sure. But MOST people are oriented after a certain age, and each society should determine that age. I truly think that this "age of maturity" is higher than it used to be, but that is another discussion.