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The sick perverted bastards...

 Couldn't have put it better myself - Priests are_just_people. And like everyone else, they are bound to make mistakes - some appalling ones at that too. And, Nate, while I realize many priests and persons affiliated with a specific church have a good nature, the fact of the matter is that church remains (gulp) responsible for some of the most cruel acts bestowed upon somebody!
 I agree 100% when Vince says you should not trust a priest anymore  you would trust anybody else. If the priest s a stranger you shoud act accordngly - not send yur kid for a sleepover because 'it's suppervised by priests and nuns'. Honestly, given the fact that priests are nothing but human like everyone else, and that like humans (regardless of how little Testosterone u have in your veins) they sill do have[repressed] sexual impulses; And given the fact that priesthood naturally appeals to those who have 'dark impulses'and see the church as away to escape them and seek redemption - I would then be much more concerned.