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The sick perverted bastards...

They don’t have the right to “believe having sex with children is their right”.

Any organization that supports an “organization” like NAMBLA or believes that it is a persons right to be sexually attracted to children is fucked.

But thanks for the info. I didn’t know that NAMBLA got support from the ACLU.

I’m all for equal rights based on pretty much everything. Consentual sex between two 14 year olds isn’t child sexual abuse. An adult having sex with a child is…there is no excuse.

I cannot believe for one second that it’s even remotely possible that a child would consent to have sex with an adult. The child could be tricked into it only because the adult is older and can fuck with the kid’s head.

By the way…ever heard of CONDEMNED.org.
Check that site out. It’s my # 1 favorite.