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The sick perverted bastards...

The ACLU does not lobby for the repeal of the laws which protect children from abuse. They do not proclaim a right of others to abuse children. They will defend your right to BELIEVE child sex is a good thing. The point is, when you illegalize dissemination of ideas, not activities but ideas, where does it stop. Child sex is illegal and you seem to want to punish others who proclaim it shouldn’t be. Steroid use is illegal and this site could certainly be construed as promoting their use. The ACLU would defend Test’s right to publish what they want. If Biotest starts a mailorder roid business they would be on their own as far as the ACLU is concerned.

I know NAMBLA is horrible and I hate everything they advocate. This does not mean I want the thought police checking up on me, or the rest of us at the forum.