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The sick perverted bastards...

Defending an organization whos’ cornerstone is illegal “activities” with young boys is much different than defending those who have ugly opinions. There is a fundamental difference between the two and as an attorney you know this. You go to jail for raping a young boy, whereas hating another for skin color/religion/etc. is not a crime… just ignorance. KKK’s mission in life is to hate everyone unlike themselves. NAMBLA’s mission in life is to carry out crimes against innocent little kids. Raping a child is not ignorance, it is a crime. Sure you can stretch and pull anything to find a way to make a cause, ala ACLU style.

Your reasoning is the same blind reasoning the ACLU uses. At the end of the day, the goings on in our world do not occur in a vacuum, all who base their logic and purpose on “absolutes” will find themselves playing for the naive team. Funny how so many defense attorney’s have lost all moral rationale somewhere along the line. Not saying you have per se, but so many others have… often times with big dollar signs in sight and sometimes just the glitz of their fifteen minutes on the news is enough.

Protecting NAMBLA does nothing to protect the civil liberties of our citizens, rather it erodes the protection and liberties of our nation’s children.