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The Shrieker!

All of us probably get put off by some of the annoying or inappropriate behaviors of our fellow gym goers. Most of them are harmless posers. The “buck o’ five kid” who’s blood red and grunting and moaning on the bench press with his 125 like he’s Atlas holding up the whole god damn world.

Then there’s the “pimp stroller” who wears baggy shorts and his favorite basketball jersey in to the gym. You know this guy from his slow “pimp stroll” stride that he does when entering the gym and moving from station to station like he king f*cking Kong of the entire place.

How about the narcissist who spends nearly five minutes after each set in the power rack flexing and admiring his muscles in the mirror while others are waiting to get on? Ocassionally you think you see him blowing kisses to himself out of the corner of your eye.

There are of course many more, and I can sadly attest to the fact that I have seen nearly all of them in my gym goings. However, today I witness something that I found truly disturbing. A real Grade A gym freak. I’ve seen grunters. I’ve seen screamers. I’ve even seen criers. (also disturbing) But never in my life did I think that I would ever cross paths with…

…The Shrieker!

He seemed harmless enough. From the look of him when he walked in it looked like maybe he was 5’ 10" possibly pushing close to one ninety. He was maybe late thirties/early forties with a short trimmed beard and short rusty black hair that kind of made him look a bit like Chunk Norris (no joke). His attire was was not all that unusual either. He was wearing a grey t-shirt with black gym shorts. So, when he quietly sat down at the LAT PULL MACHINE I thought nothing of it. Just some older guy doing his early morning lifting before he goes to work.

He racks up about maybe ONE SEVENTY FIVE on the LAT PULL MACHINE. He pulls the bar down and has a seat. Lets out a huff then… …starts letting out some blood curdling shrieking! The nice looking girl on the leg curl behind the lat pull immediately dropped the weight with a clash. She jumped right out of the machine, “Jesus Christ!” There are about half a dozen more people in the weight room (including myself) and all of them are immediately startled in a similar fashion. Meanwhile ol’ Chuck is shrieking on every pull down while the rest of us stare in utter disbelief.

And I do mean SHRIEKING. Not screaming, but high pitched shrieking like that guy from Scream just hacked off his leg. After about thirty seconds of this the college kid on the preacher curl got fed up. “Hey! SHUDUP!” An unwise move in my opinion. This guy just glared at the college guy and kept on pumping and shrieking. The girl who had jumped off from the leg curl left the weight room in a hurry at this point.

Normally you’d think we’d be cracking up at this guy’s behavior, but honestly I don’t recall that any of us did. It was like a state of shock. After about a minute of this, the guy finally stopped. He let the bar up and the college dude let out a “What… The… F*ck…” This guy got up and kind of looked around at all of us whom were either glarring at him or had our mouths gapped open in shock. He just got up and slung his gym towel over his shoulder like nothing happened. The girl who ran off came back with one of the attendents. “Is everything alright?” The guy tried to get by them and out of the weight room kind of nonchalantly while the college dude let out a “Freak!”

The last I saw of this guy he was in the hot tub talking to the manager. He must have been getting a warning or they might have been kicking him out. Either way, I had work to go to and didn’t stay around to find out, nor did I want to.

People need to learn to stay on their meds…

How about those guys that come on this site and post the same shit that gets posted by someone different nearly every day.

But shriekers can be good, especially when they are beautiful women shrieking my name!

That was a funny ass story, good job.

Well you do work out in gym with lots of machines and a hot tub, ETF do you expect!?

“Ocassionally you think you see him blowing kisses to himself out of the corner of your eye.”

that was fucking funny.

Thats some funny shit.