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The SHIT System vs. INNO-Sport?

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the evolutionary and insightful new SHIT system developed by Will Heffernan the fully certified strength and conditioning ?Genius?.  How does it compare to the INNO-sport system?

When I look and compare the SHIT system objectively with all my high performing and totally jacked training partners and other MMA internet warriors it seems to be totally superior to anything INNO-sport has produced?


Look...I'm simply too busy exploding the dogma and false values and principles of current sports science research and training practices.

I'm focusing on on my SHIT principles. My entire empire is built on SHIT. My athletes eat, sleep and breath SHIT. They all train SHIT and I do nothing else all day but talk SHIT. If you you aren't all training SHIT then that's not my problem.




Now listen...I hate to blow my own trumpet...especially in a forum belonging to another website. I'd hate for people to think that I was somehow getting people/disciples/arse kissers/accomplices to post questions and queries on this website just so I could promote my own website/material/products/undisputable genius here for the sole reason that T-Nation gets so much traffic because of its superior content and discussion.

I mean it is hardly my fault that the general population out there is so stupid and illiterate and tied to the antiquated practices that have resulted in the outstanding sports performance over the past century when clearly they don't know SHIT!


That innosport thread looks like a bunch of koolaid drinkers.

I have not a fucking clue what it is and it has already irritated me.


Hey guys,

I don't know SHIT, and have never done SHIT.

What is it, and where do I sign up?

Is there any free SHIT, or is this all very expensive SHIT?

I value cost, so, the more it costs- the better.

Thanks in advance.


I am begging you please lay your SHIT on me...I'm ready.


OK...OK...this is so tedious but since you people have begged me endlessly to come here to T-Nation and talk nothing but SHIT I'll indulge you.

Firstly, you're probably not even going to be able to follow the evolutionary and insightful new SHIT system as it involves a complete new nomenclature beyond the understanding of all but the most classically trained and educated because it is absolutely clear to me from my discussion with coaches like Charles Staley, Dave Tate, Alwyn Cosgrove, Dan Fouts and Mel Siff that not a single one of them knows SHIT.

Actually I am being a bit disingenuous...Dan Fouts is SHIT. In fact he is the embodiment of SHIT. He is SHIT from top to toe like myself. So if you need to talk SHIT and I am not around get in touch with Dan and he'll talk SHIT all day.


I'm confused. I've always thought Inno-Sport was shit?


Listen you illliterate, uneduacted moron SHIT&INNO will probably one day become one. Both are completely beyond the understanding of people like yourself.

Did you know that SHIT was the training philosohy on Vulcan??? You didn't did you...and you know why that is...because you don't know SHIT.


You should know that the more you pay for SHIT the better it is!

Our Mission Statement is simple:
We want to SHIT everyone!


DB here,
What Will says is very true. In fact, 99% of the population can't understand SHIT. As for me, my whole life is SHIT. All I see from waking in the morning till I go to bed at night is SHIT. Even my dreams lately have been SHIT dreams. It's gotten so bad, my wife has started calling me SHIT-for-brains. I think it's time we really started marketing this SHIT program.

The ONE, the ONLY,


That's an easy mistake to make as on the surface they both look like SHIT.


How will people know SHIT when they see it and read about it if you don't let us in on your evolutionary and insightful SHIT system?


I will try to make this as simple as possible. Probably the best way to understand SHIT is to compare it to other similar advanced training methodologies. Probably the closest thing to SHIT is INNO. Some people even mistake INNO for SHIT. It is a classic mistake but a false one. Once you really get into SHIT though...I mean really get deep down in it...once you are covered head to toe in SHIT...you'll be in the gym and people will come up to you and ask you what is going on...some people might even ask if it is INNO that you're doing at first but then they'll raise their head in the air...because believe me you can smell SHIT from a mile away...you'll know the difference and so will they.


Yall are all full of SHIT. Carry on.


It basically boils down to the fact that unlike INNO-sports system the evolutionary and insightful SHIT system has acronyms of 4 letters in total length, which is clearly an evolutionary and insightful leap as far as evolutionary and insightful systems are concerned over any system with acronyms of only 3 letters in length. That makes SHIT 25% better than than INNO.

In short as your queries and questions only infuriate and frustrate due to there pathetic lack of foresight into the evolutionary and insightful SHIT(Super High Intensity Training) system that is all I will say for now.


I have heard that advanced adherents of the SHIT system are actually able to... get this... create a veritable SHITSTORM!

That is advanced SHIT if there ever was any.


What would a complete phase of SHIT look like? Please give us something to work with a template upon which we can base all of our future training?


That was some funny SHIT.