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The Shield


This season seems mediocre at best but last weeks episode with Macky just standing by while Lem goes down was the worst. Mackey would have put a grenade in Forests pants before, now they did not do shit when they had the chance to wack that informant bitch and get rid of Forest Whitaker w/o reprecussion.
The wife turning on the father of her children and Forest W. who will turn in his ex-wife on shit will make deals with a criminal like Antoine Mitchell???
This was my favorite show but the writing since they have gone straight post money train $ burning gets weaker by the episode. Anyone else agree/disagree?


I think each season has lost some edge to it. But it's still a great show



There is another Shield thread around here somewhere too... some good comments there if you care to dig it up.



it's kept it's awesomeness


Lost its edge? Are you guys fuckin nuts??

That show is awesome, rivalled only by the Sopranos as far as coolness.


Yeah who'da thought Kavanaugh had a crazy ex-bitch who fucks herself with bottles. I think Lem shouldn't have thrown that bomb, they could have killed kavanaugh right then and there...


see you agree kavanagh could of would of and should of been wacked given that chance and b4 this season they would have done it! Speaking of the Sopranos Tony would have done what is needed to be done! New season coming up I must get HBO because I cannot wait for dvd. If you think the guys on the shield have not gone soft you're crazy re rent the previous seasons like when Vic burned that dealers face on the stove and had him wacked in lockdown to avoid him talking now he lets that bitch rat on him and walk around like she did nothing.


I missed the episode you are talking about but it is on in about 10 minutes so I'm getting ready to catch it.

I agree that it has lost some of its edge...BUT...if you think back to how hard core the first episode started and then into the first two seasons, how do you really top that? I think it would be hard for the writers to maintain that high of a level.

I cannot think of any single show that started out as fast and as intense as the first episode of The Shield.


Lem saved him. Not Vic. He was too busy threatening the broad involved in the heroin deal. The fact that Lem saved him is called "Irony". I know, I know, its not shit exploding and body parts flying. But it happens quite a bit in real life.

Tony Soprano is a mob boss. Not a cop.

Cops + shooting IAD officers = BAD.

The Mafia + shooting cops = BUSINESS.

Get the difference?

Shows like that have to be semi-realistic. You either don't get that, or don't have a good conception of reality.

So you want Vic to shoot Kavaunuaugh and to murder the witness (who has a little kid) who is under constant police survelliance? C'mon. Its a cop show. Not a Vin Diesel movie.

I think, just a little, that Vic may get caught if the guy investigating him gets killed and the witness dissapears.


I don't think it's lost one bit of edge. Last Tuesday and the episode with the foiled "sting" operation were tops.

No way anybody from Lem's attorney (whoever that winds up being) to the cop's union would allow him to be sent to the same prison as Antoine.

I am disappointed with what they've done with Dutch's charcter though. I know he hates Vick, but geez...

In the end, you gotta know that whenever the going gets really tough and dark, that teflon Vick will find a way to bring it around.

Cavanaugh is gonna crack like an egg and it's going to be beautiful.


I'm gunna be pissed if Lem gets hurt in the prison. My hope is that the whole strike team will get arrested, and all get put in that prison, and they stick together to keep Lem alive, then eventually get proven innocent in trial.


These shows like OZ and the Shield deal in a different reality the idea that someone would allow a team of cops to work with an informant who was ratting on them would never happen in reality but obviously did in the last episode. Say Lem did not save Kavanagh he would be a dead IAD officer who was killed on duty with the men he is trying to prosecute.

I still love the show but the characters have softened up in an unrealistic way.


Not having seen the first two seasons, I can't really comment on the decline of the show, I just know that it is absolutely fucking awesome. It's the only show that I watch besides The Sopranos and Deadwood. I'm amazed how much leeway FX has with the new ratings system.


I can't believe more people aren't watching this show.

Last night was fucking ridiculous- Shane and Ron getting out right before the black and whites roll up.

THis is like watching the Red Sox in the playoffs...I'm gonna have a damn stroke watchin this show.


I jumped up and spiked the fucking remote on the bed. Thank god they got Lem out. Previews for next week looked awesome.


Umm, didn't they kill a guy on the strike team b/c he was informing, in the very first episode?


I have to agree. This show kicks ass.

I hardly ever watch t.v but recently rented out the first series on dvd and can't peel myself away from the screen.
I'm now halfway through the second series and counting down the minutes till work ends so I can catch a few episodes tonight.


Hahaha. I remember seeing the previews for it five years ago and just going...."ooohh I better watch this".

I love when they have the reruns- I forget how much shit happened all in all


He was a cop who was going to start informing Aceveda.

Killing him, when there was never previous suspicion (aside from Aceveda) is different than the IAD officer who is reporting many, many charges and making progress getting killed.

On a side note, how do you all think the thing with Aceveda will go at the end of last nights episode?


Aceveda has to know that Mackie can be his absolute worst nightmare if he ever ends up on a witness stand. Cavanaugh can't do hardly any damage to him at all. It's not even a choice for him.

Anyone wanna bet that Vick nails his hot little tamale of a lawyer?