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The Shield


Who's been watching this season?

Last night's show was crazy. Forest Whitaker is a freakin psycho when he's pissed. Lemanski isn't gonna have too much fun in jail, or so it looks from the previews for next week. I don't know how Mackie's gonna get him out of this. And how crazy was that Sadie broad, faking her own rape? We never found out what happened to the black female cop (Dutch's partner, can't remember her name) that collapsed at the end of last week. Can't wait for next week.


They said Claudette was recovering. Vic and his lawyer will get Lem out on bail. They are setting the season up nicely, Vic is gonna use the wife to press on Cavanaugh. The CI will not turn on and Vic and in the end because of the Antwan connection Aceveda is gonna save Vics' ass.


Been watching since day one, I love this show. Extremely well written, good suspense. I noticed that Michael Chikless (sp?) is starting to direct some of the episiodes.

Anyway, they did mention that Claudette was "doing okay" during the conversation that took place in the bathroom.

It's going to be a bunch of fun watching the Strike Team get out of their latest jam...which they will of course. Keep in mind that Mackie still has Asevada by the balls and that will some how play in to the mix.


Awesome show - got all the DVDs. Check out ShieldRap forum - its a good place to find out scoops/discuss. That's where I got my avatar.