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The Shield


Anyone around here see the season opener? Pretty badass. Should be a good year.


Yea, I saw the opener. Mackie is back in prime shape, What has he got to loose at this point?? I knida like the IAD guy, he seems a little off kilter.



Good replacement for Nip/Tuck till next season.


The best cop show about !!


The only thing The Shield needs is more naked lesbians having sex (NIp/Tuck seems to love having that). But the massive violence makes up for that.

Forest Whittaker is pretty good though. Hell of an actor.


The Shield is the best! The season opener was interesting this will be a damn good season. Forrest Whittaker is a fine actor his addition will only be good.

Lots of Digital recorder use this season for sure.


the best series of all time!

i cant wait till ne next serie came here..


On a side note... is it just me or are Shane and Rob becoming bigger pussies with every passing season? In the first season they were bad asses.... now... not so much. I wish they'd start kicking the shit out people again.


Shane is still a crazy fuck. I think the whole incident with the black cop and his wife kind of scared the shit out of'em. Either that or the writers forgot that they were pretty violent before.


Great show. Over here in Nippon we are a season behind you luck f*cks in the US, however. Yesterday I was reading CNN and they gave some plot details away which we haven't got to yet. I was gutted.


Whitaker plays some dark roles. He's like Christopher Walken or maybe Pacino. Takes some shit role and makes it his in a quirky way. He's one of those guys I like to watch even if I don't like the story. He's hardcore.


I'm glad other people out there watch this show. I wasnt sure how popular it was. I first saw it while flipping through the channels late on a saturday night.

I have been hooked since, got all three seasons on dvd. After nearly every segment i'm left saying "...damn." I think it's a pretty powerful show, and i'm not a huge fan of TV.


The shield and 24 are about the only 2 shows I go out of my way to make sure to watch. 24 starts sunday, GOTTA LOVE THAT DUAL DVR!


I think they kicked some serious ass at the end of the show. That Dennis Rodman wannabe was F'd up!


Fuck that no talent fat ass retard Forrest Whitaker. He plays one character, weird fat retarded Forrest Whitaker.

Chiklis is a good actor. Whitaker is the brown on the toilet paper.


Nip Tuck? The Shield? I am sorry, but I'm going to have to say that the best show on FX is Rescue Me. By Far!


F/X just has the best all around first-run series period.

The Shield, Rescue Me, Over There, Nip/Tuck are all cutting edge programming.

I refuse to get started watching 24. I am a social outcast because of it, but I can't stand Kiefer Sutherland. He always sounds like he needs to blow his nose.


Rescue Me is my favorite show of all time. But the shield is a close second.


god rescue me is a great show. i tried to get into the shield a while ago, but i had no idea what the hell was going on so i stopped. but rescue me... it's like i actually know the guys, i can listen to some of their conversations and actually remember conversations i've had that sounded almost exactly like that.


I think that is why it resonates so much with me; I can remember exact things about that show that I sit there and go, "Man, we did that".

It also strikes a deeply personal chord for me, being that I lost my best friend a last year, and how they deal with it in Rescue Me is very similar to how myself and my buddies have dealt with the thing in the last year. It seems strange to watch the shit on TV, but when you drink too much and think you're half crazy in real life (due to a brother's death) it doesn't seem so crazy anymore. It really is a fantastic show.