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The Shield Season 6??

When the hell is the season 6 premiere?
Spike was showing repeats from the beginning and then just stopped. Guess I’ll have to rent them!

Also…what the hell happened to my Reno 911? It just vanished!

Season 6?!!?

They stopped releasing the DVDs over here in the UK after season 2… sob

This is/was my favourite show.
Damn import DVDs are V expensive :frowning:

Colour me envious…

I had heard they were going to release some un-aired episodes from last season sometime this fall. Then the new season is supposedly set to begin in late feb-or march. The FX webiste still has shit about last season. The forum there isn’t much help either.

I don’t know if I can watch anymore after how they ended season 5…one of the most disturbing images ever.

I think it starts in January…I bet a visit to the FX website would answer the question though.

yup season six starts in january