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The Shadow Hare


So, theres a guy in my very own city of Cincinnati who is dressing up in spandex and roaming the streets at night and fighting crime.

He is also apparently a student here at the University of Cincinnati.


Must Find Him.


We have a couple of dudes who do that here.



"Oh, and if you want to hook up with Shadow Hare the Cincinnati superhero online, here?s a link to his Myspace page. When I visited the page, there was a message saying that he was at work and would be fighting crime later."

I wonder if the Shadow...tweets?


I saw an episode of "underground" on G4TV network, and they did a documentary on real life super heroes and they followed them around for a night. When the cameras were rolling, nothing really happened. One super hero told a drug dealer to go home or he'll call the cops.

On another note:
Next episode should be interesting, documentary on a group of people that are preparing for the Zombie apocalypse.
http://g4tv.com/g4underground/splash.aspx (trailer)


This is how was described in another article...

21 years old and built like a math tutor.

Aren't you a math tutor Swissrugburn ?


It's you isn't it.


Not gonna lie, i'm tempted to join forces with him, but i honest to God don't know how he is doing this without getting pistol whipped, at best.

And i'm far too pretty to cover my entire face with a mask, i'd got the route of a smaller mask that only covers my eyes, maybe a sweet visor a'la Cyclops.


Weird, but strangely appealing.





Maths tutoring was a thing I did. I wouldn't say I'm built like the average maths tutor though. It worked to my advantage, they always did their homework.




IT would be cooler if somone did the Boondock Saints thing.


Wat wat? Im sure I was pretty clear.


Cartman is expanding his territory, I see.