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The Secret

Check out http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1806749882353331222&q=law+of+attraction
Very interesting.

I’m going to apply its ideas to my training & see what happens.


I can’t be arsed to watch it for 90 minutes, what is it?

[quote]electric_eales wrote:
I can’t be arsed to watch it for 90 minutes, what is it?

I did exactly the same thing. I saw it was 1 hr 29 mins closed the browser straight away. I hope it was good.

Ok, I’ll watch it, but I am commenting after 8 min.

This actually is an important psychological piece of the puzzle, but I am seeing a metaphysical bent to it, and a seeming absoluteness to it.

I don’t care if people give it a metaphysical twist, but from what I see, they are saying that if you imagine it, it will become true.

Yet I do not have women come up to me and flash me, and if they are saying what I think they are saying, it should happen.

To me, I see this as getting what you think about. If you think negatively, you get negative things. If you think positive, you get positive things. I do believe this myself.

But I believe this is because you are directing your mind, not some mystical thing in the universe happening. Many diets fail because people keep thinking about the foods they cannot have, and that is a big demotivator. Yet if the person instead thought of how they will look or feel, then they will stay motivated.

One thing I get is that they may be leaving out the next step, and that is to act. If you look at a steak, and think about having that steak, cooked the way you want it, it won’t just happen until you take the thing and cook it.

Now again I am only 8 min in, so I could be way off in my understanding of what they are saying.

I watched a few minutes of it. Sounds like a bunch of new age crap. People want to change their lives simply by wishing it so. This company is capitalizing on that fact. The universe doesn’t work that way.

Be sure to check the rather expensive good luck charms they have for sale.


The psycological peice of the puzzle is what always sepreates the top 10% in life from the rest. You have to put in the work (gym, school,sales etc.) But your outlook and drive is what makes all the difference. I only watched 15 minutes of this program. But some of the concepts are valid.

Wow!!! The Secret of the Universe. The secret to getting WHATEVER I want. Wealth, properity…bitches…everything. AND IT ONLY COSTS $49.95!!! Where do I sign up? (Imagine Tony Robbins smoking crack with a Scientologist and you can skip the video)