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The Secret to Women

Ive finally found it. Its an equation that is guaranteed to get you a girl. Its based on Chris Shugart’s article on the same subject.


Terditude is defined by a general malaise whenever you and the girl are in contact. This includes phone, internet, and in person. Its just the general attitude of I dont give a sheet. Assholism is a just that. But dont go too high on the assholism or your total will be too high.

The only time I have ever done this I couldn’t get rid of the girl - can you say STALKER? It was scary. I literally could have done anything to this woman, and the more I did the more she wanted me. It was EERIE. Had to get rid of her just to keep from seeing how much over the line I could go.

So you’re saying that you should have malaise when you are in contact. How are you defining malaise:

  1. implying that you are physically uncomfortable around the girl (i.e. nauseated)

  2. 2 pretend that you are mentally/emotionally depressed, uneasy around her.

  3. you thought malaise meant something else.

Clear it up for us! :slight_smile:

I have to agree with a general attitude of “I don’t give a sheet” aiding in the way girls feel about you. I adopted this attitude to a girl that I didn’t really want to end up with (and still haven’t), and she’s literally obsessed with me. Its worringly effective, although quite a scary thing to embark upon if you’re a nice guy such as myself (hehe!!). Its not something I can do all of the time morally, because it just seems wrong. Plus, who’d want a relationship with a woman who goes for that type of thing? The one that falls for the real you is the one you want. Sure, this can work to help you get a bit of action and fun, which is obviously a winner in its own right.

I didnt mean malaise. Im sorry. Im smarter than that. I cant think of the word i wanna use. that one popped in and sounded right. I mean act like her being there is no big deal. Like you dont care.


That wasnt it either. Damn i hate it when a word is right on the tip of your tongue and you cant get it out. Indifference is a good one though. But do yall get the basic premise of what im saying. Im basically rehashing info from Shugs’ article and putting it into a mathematical equation. haha

It’s ok, 'Berg. No one expects a cheerleader to go busting her…I mean HIS brain for all those tough words. I mean, some of them are longer than six letters! Man, what do they expect from you??? :slight_smile:
Apathy maybe?

Where is that article by Chris?

It’s in issue 93. A “Big Woof” article.

I know what you mean. Its really hard for me to spell my own name. I have it taped to my computer so i can copy it. I did manage to make a 100 on a medical terminology test that i didnt study for though. I think the class average was a 73.

Wow, it’s all so clear to me now! Chris you wrote such cool stuff, where did you go?

This is funny. I’m with my husband because he’s pretty much the nicest guy I’ve ever met and we were best friends for a while before we hooked up… but well… To quote a friend of mine “Most women are empty formulaic dumb slut robots.” I have to agree with him on that.

He has a four step process he goes through when he wants a social lamprey at a party.

Step one: Establish social value (usually by telling a joke to the mark and her friends).
Step two: Subtly insult the mark, making her yern for acceptance.
Step three: Ignore the mark until she says something.
Step four: Compliment the mark’s intelligence while at the same time breaking the touch barrier.

He says this process gets almost any woman ready to take off her clothes.

Almost always gets the girl, huh? I don’t see that working as frequently as he claims. I mean it works for me, but that’s just cause I’m dead sexy. For an average guy, though, it would still be a numbers game.

Way to bring up a thread from fuckin years ago.

Its true though,

All the woman that i went after and acted nice i never got and they wanted no part of me.

When i acted as if i didnt care i had all these girls wanting to fuck me.

A wise man once said: Treat em mean to keep em keen.

The way I heard it was," Treat them like dirt and they’ll stick to you like mud."

So much for womens liberation…Susan B. Anthony must be doing 4000 RPM in her grave…/:wink:

OMG, NO. You guys really are from Mars and us from Venus. Reading these kinds of threads always surprises me in that they show me that men truly know much, much less about women than many women believe men know.

Actually I am a woman (if refrencing my husband didn’t clue you in to that). While these things may not ‘do it’ for all of us they do work for far far too many for me to be happy with the rest of my gender.

And Susan B. Anthony would’ve probably been spinning long before now. I believe she wanted equal rights not preferential treatment like most women seem to be trying to get now. There’s a reason there’s been a men’s rights movement starting up.

[quote]chinadoll wrote:
OMG, NO. You guys really are from Mars and us from Venus. Reading these kinds of threads always surprises me in that they show me that men truly know much, much less about women than many women believe men know.


I think it’s a difference between what woman THINK they want, and what woman ACTUALLY want(generalizing about 80% of them).

They THINK they want some nice guy, but then he turns into a friend. guy=screwed.

They ACTUALLY want that somewhat of an ass type.

and yes, like others here, i’ve had a couple times where i have tried to just tell girls off completely, in multiple OBVIOUS ways, and they start stalking/calling more and more. its scary.

Like i said though, only 80%(im making this up obviously) this applies to. Some girls can actually see what they want completely, and go after the nice wholesome guy. Not most though. I also think this percentage increases(20% to say 50% and more) as you get older, and looks become less important, and really just the values the person has become number 1.