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The Secret to Bulk Building


Train everyday you can, even 30 days in a row! Do something! (even 5 minutes) And get strong of course.


How many things do you think you can get the best at for only 4-6x a week?


you gave the secret away!


Don't forget strength, you must lift heavy, Daniel son. This is has old as the bible. Lift heavy stuff often get strong and big!


Haha... what?



What has been seen, can not be unseen.


is this real life?


I hate the word 'secret' when related to sports. all my 'snake oil' red light alerts go to 100%


Omfg... I was expecting some Nazi-occult-space-program-super-soldier-chad-Waterbury-tbt-tut-hiit-espn-asap-obama-steroid-fish-oil-uber-awesome-program with supersets and orange drink but instead I got this. This sucks.


I lift things up and put them down


Except your fork, don't put that down.


is this a trick question?



ive never trained for 30 days straight. lol is this for real? i mean really could this be good advice?




Six times a week? Probably...most stuff?


THX !!!

300 lbs here I come


Hey fellows i was pretty buzzed when i posted this. :slight_smile:

My point was to do train has much has possible. Of course i'm not referring to 2 hours workouts for 30 days, use common sense.

I've seen my fastest gains to date the last 6mths training everytime i feel like it and that's a lot up to 15 days straight. I don't limit myself to all the over training dogma out there.

For example i used a lot of light/speed days on my main strength lifts. To get more practice which in turn gave me more volume.

Now i went and made this post "serious". :slight_smile:


Sounds kinda similar to what thibs recommend and what the norwegian powerlifters doe. hm maybe you are on to something.