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The SEC: A Paradigm Shift?

I would hate to disagree with a National Sports Writer, but I have to on this one. The recent ESPN Top 25 College Football Poll was HEAVY in SEC schools (Florida State may be in the ACC, but not in spirit!). The writer stated that this may represent a paradigm shift in the Power of College Football. Bologna! The SEC has ALWAYS been a powerful football conference, and always will be. Independents (historically) like Penn State and Notre Dame have had plenty of moments, but the SEC has always been the most consistent as a conference. Now…with new Conference realignments, we may see a “shift”; but not yet. (P.S. You guys already know that I think the SEC has the most Hotties; now that will NEVER change!(:)—!!! Your thoughts?

Mufasa, I can’t agree more on the hotties. Unfortunately, I dont know all that much about NCAA football. But dammit, you’re right about the girls. - PJ

Hey John: The SEC gets the majority of its players from right in the South. There must be something to raisin’ a bunch of kids on collards, cornbread, pigsfeet, grape soda and Moon Pies! Hey…any chance of a “SOUTHERN Massive Eating” diet? :)----!!! Mufasa

Great football! - but the other point I need to mention is that the Southern kids are possibly the most enjoyable one’s to work with in the country. Hard, diligent workers! In faith, Coach Davies

Go GATORS! And yes, the women are hella hot around here. Gotta love it! :wink:

In fact, you should see my roommate. She is quite the cutie. And she is only one of the many thousands of hot girls around here. And you wonder why I decided to stay in Gainesville after I graduated from UF!? :slight_smile:

Coach: I know that in the “great scheme of life” this isn’t a big thing…but it really is an honor to have you respond to a thread…I think a lotta guys feel that way…Well…Southern Football!..It IS great football! Earlier I made the comment that Florida State may be in the ACC, but it has the “blood” of the SEC running through it. (Since I’m from North Carolina, I could get hung for that statement!) I also feel that way about the “Texas Three” (Texas ("Hookem’ Horns!), A&M and Tech). They may be Big 12, but I think that there is a lot more “fire in the air” when ,by draw, record and chance, they meet the SEC in the Cotton Bowl. I am no historian or expert on this whole Conference alignment thing, nor do I know the history of the Big-12 and SEC, but I think that the “Texas 3” are more “SEC” than they think! Boy…it would have been a BIG conference (15 teams with the SEC and the “Texas 3”), but BOY would that have made for some Saturday football! Give me the Cotton Bowl over the Rose Bowl any day! Again…thanks for responding Coach!

Nate:…something about that “naughty innocence” of a Southern woman when she smiles at you and says …“Hi; where’uh you frum?” with that uniquely Southern accent…

I have no idea if you were just kidding me but hey you never have to consider it an “honor” - but I appreciate your respect. As far as 'ball in the South - while ACC, I am partial obviously to Clemson and the entire Death Valley experience. As always, In faith Coach Davies

Two things:

  1. GO DUCKS!!!

  2. Playboy always has quite high praise for the ‘Girls of the PAC-10’, and especially high praise for the Lady Dux.:wink:

  3. GO DUCKS!!!

(Sorry, I’m off topic, and I can’t count.)

Mufasa, your coment about their ‘naughty innocence’ is SO true. I ate a Georgia Peach
once and from that time on the Northern girls
just weren’t quite the same…not BAD mind you, but extacy with an accent is unique! dp

Not a chance, Coach; It was all real! Thanks for posting on the tread! Hey…Coach Lou Holtz has REALLY been shaking things up in South Carolina! No doubt that the man is a winner, where ever he goes. And if I’m not mistaken, he’s “grooming” a son (or two?) for coaching…and ALSO if I’m not mistaken, he’s “upset” (can Lou Holtz beating you REALLY be an upset?) Clemson a time or two!

Mufasa, those southern belles with the accent crack me up! It’s cute, but I don’t really care for the very southern accent (like some of the Georgia girls I’ve met). But I do like a southern girl that can cook! I’ve only dated one girl like that. Oh man, she was great. Fun to be with, awesome in the sack, and could cook up some hella good food.

I still love these Florida women! Hot, hot, hot! My roommate has a friend coming to visit this weekend. She’s a cheerleader for FSU. So this is gonna be a fun and crazy weekend, especially with my boy John U coming down to play! I’ll be sure to let you guys know all the fun we have. And maybe some hooking up too! :wink:

Hey, do you guys know who has been rated the number one team by the coaches this season? That’s right…GO GATORS!!