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The Search For E-Dizzle


A long time ago, in a galaxy...well, in this galaxy...there lived a man.

A man named E-dizzle.

That man had a dream.

A dream to get his bench past 225.

Sadly, he disappeared without a trace. And we know naught of his pursuit of the elusive 2 plates PLUS SOMETHING bench press.


The hunt, apparently, goes on.

Fare thee well, e-dizzle.



Im guessing on his noble quest he met a maiden and found true love…


edizzle now benches 400 lbs.

He made a YouTube video flexing his pecs. It went viral.

Hugh Jackman called and said, “Hey edizzle, I’m sick and tired of taking my shirt off in every movie and being ogled by my female fans. Can you help me out?”

Now edizzle does all of Hugh’s chest work.



edizzle gave up his bench press dreams, bought an 88 pound KB, and threw his back out unloading it from his car.

Now he’s doing circuits with one of these.


The mods just messaged me.

Turns out Edizzle is a troll account for Dave Tate.


I heard about a guy at a gym two towns over who just got 227.5 for a grinder single. They have the fractional plates there, which is exactly where I’d be if I were e-dizzle.


[quote]Powerpuff wrote:
Turns out Edizzle is a troll account for Dave Tate.[/quote]