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The Search for Cool Ski Towns

Any fellow skiers/snowboarders out there who love where they live? I’m moving west to the mountains in search of the ultimate ski town to live in and can’t decide which place is the best. My first choices are BC or Alberta (moving back to Canada), but am open to any mountain location (anywhere close to big mountains, good powder and like-minded folks).

Look into Steamboat Springs Colorado and Crested Butte Colorado.

Check out Jackson Wyoming. Cool town and it’s booming. People there put in a hard day at the mountatin and then go for a run just for the hell of it.

Fun Place, lots of young people, tons of stuff to do and if you feel like hiking you can find stuff to ski/board til July.

Utah is fricking awesome I heard, as well as check out sunday river in NH very big resort. Snowshoe and seven springs in WV are also good resorts.


If you’re looking in BC, you gotta go with Whistler/Blackcomb. Great skiing/snowboaring in th winter, awesome golf and mountain biking in the summer. Gets a little pricey, though. And good luck finding a half decent place to live if you want to stay there all the time.

If you are looking West Coast, and Canada, I second Whistler. Some serious vertical there.

Yep, whistler definitely rules. Spent 2 weeks there in April and of all the places in the rockies I’ve been I found the best powder and the most insane terrain in whistler. Pretty small town at 8000 though. I’m not sure if I’d get bored in the off season. I’m also not totally sure if I’d find a good gym there either (could do up my own with a little $$). Maybe Van would be a good home close to it.

I live in Quebec City, Canada, and we have three mountains in the area that will give you a hell of a challenge, and it’s a nice city to be on vacation.

3 resorts : Stoneham
Mont Ste-Anne

You won’t be disapointed

Go all out and move to Austria or Switzerland. The Alps are awesome if skiing is your sport. They have glaciers here where you can ski all year.