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The Science Thread


There is a lot of evidence that sex hormones protect the brain. Unfortunately, androgenic hormones seem to be better and they are being studied much more than estrogen.
The trick for women is to maintain the proper ratio. You want to be on the higher end of both estrogen and testosterone, but in the appropriate ratio.
It also depends on your risk for breast cancer. Estrogen is food for breast cancer and possibly other cancer cells. So regular checks and blood work are necessary if you are going to take manual control of your sex hormones. Especially if you have a family history.


I’ll put this here, for an example of interesting “scientific” theories:


That’s just too good. That’s Men In Black level stuff.


I’m creating an official bipurfication in my categories of crazy. There’s the regular crazy- like people that are afraid of satellites and different waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, then there’s Iranian crazy where all bets are off and even the sky is not the limit.


That’s next level evil right there. Knowing the Jews they probably charge the Iranians interest for keeping their clouds stored safely.



What’s so crazy is this is not some loon barking at the sky.