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There is a distinct reason for this. The world has gotten palpably more dangerous. Many of us parents would rather see our kids fat and on the couch than raped and murdered. Perhaps the media has played a role in this, but I think that line is over played.

When I went out as a kid, I made it home for supper dirty and sweaty. My mom, sort of had an idea of where I was and who I was with, but she couldn’t contact me. Now we are terrified of this and it’s not all together unfounded. We have crime and abductions event in the safest parts of town… That’s scary stuff. Especially if your kid is a girl…


While it may feel that way to you, this is simply not true.

Hello, false choice.


This is true. I never had to worry about those damn Vikings or Mongols invading my village and getting all raped and pillaged, until now.


In the nature of this thread. Does FBI crime data count as science or statistics?


Duh, it counts as Deep-State propaganda, sheeple.


For what it’s worth, I apologize to my fellow T Nation members for my part in the distraction. I should have known and been better.


I agree that we are terrified of this–at least if we have hearts at all–and that it isn’t entirely unfounded. Unfortunately I think you and I fall on the opposite ends of the spectrum on this. I put far more influence on the 24/7 news cycle (now augmented with social media for extra fear!) and mass media.

For instance, you’d never know we were near 30 year violent crime lows listening to the news. But we are. Violent crime has fallen between 50% and 75% since 1993 depending on which bureau stats you use, so have property crimes.


Not a problem Pat. I’ve known you’ve been on here for years and you’re a good poster with a lot of worthwhile thoughts. I just needed to call things before it got worse.


Damn sure better than the eighties. But I perhaps need to look at the break down because crime in the 70s and 80s it was rediculously high… in the big cities. Not so much in rural areas or the burbs.
Even though over all crime is down, what is there seems to me to be a bit more spread out.


Two common herpes viruses appear to play a role in Alzheimer’s disease.

Fascinating, and scary. Who would imagine that these herpes virus genes would interact with genes that increase the risk of Alzheimer’s.

NPR talk for the lay person here. There’s a link to the study published in Neuron for those of you who want to get into the research.



Definitely not an obvious link but once I found out that HPV caused cancer in women it doesn’t shock me.


True. Similarly, I put an article up thread about how Parkinson’s is linked to the gut microbiome and that really surprised me.

@ Herpes viruses. I was expecting this to be HSV-2, but it’s HHV-6, just the one that is SUPER common in young children. I read that by age 2, almost all kids have had roseola.

@ Alzheimer’s. That reminds me. I was a little shocked to hear that it’s so closely related to Diabetes, that some people call Alzheimer’s Diabetes Type 3. That’s really frightening, given all the people who now have Diabetes and will likely someday have dementia related to their diet and lifestyle.

@ HSV- 2 and HPV, I’m always a bit surprised. I don’t go into the Steroid forum, but one of the threads caught my eye one day last week. Someone talking about juicing and having 8-10 casual partners over a couple of months. I know HSV-2, and HSV-1 in the genital area are super common. Maybe people think of them as just a skin condition these days. I’m not trying to make anybody feel bad here, but I sometimes wonder if people realize that condoms aren’t very effective against the skin to skin types of STDs like HSV-2 and HPV. Most of us would avoid them if possible. Saying “have fun, but just use protection”, is WAY optimistic. The risk of getting HSV-2 and HPV are super high, even with a condom, if you’re with a lot of strangers.

End middle-age mom rant. Haha. I recently had this talk with my youngest, so it’s on my mind.


A cancer for which we now have a vaccine:


Which is a great thing and actually made my mother’s job nearly redundant as she was a cytoscreener.


Sweet! I am not getting Alzheimer’s!
But if I did they, will have a cure, and then I would be hit by a bus.



File this under unexpected links between other conditions or diseases, and viruses or parasites. Sapolsky is a professor of biology, and professor of neurology and neurological sciences, and neurosurgery at Stanford University.

He’s talking about parasites here. I mentioned how TICKS just really make me loose my cool in another thread. We know that Lyme Disease is far more insidious than we had realized. I met someone with just devastating neurological problems and disability from Lyme. I was shocked. I would have guessed this young teen had a severe developmental disability.

@dt79, I mentioned this in the JP thread. Tagging you because I know you’re also a cat person. My daughter’s super handsome cat doesn’t go outside, and he’s not around other cats so hopefully he’s safe.

The part about Toxoplasmosis is at the beginning of the interview. This stuff could keep you awake at night. We’ve long known that it was dangerous for the developing fetus, but it now looks to be involved in other neurological issues in humans. I thought this was really fascinating that it can cause mice to loose their fear of cats, and in humans may cause them to loose their fear of things like moving at high speeds or increase risk of suicide. Also, a link between Toxoplasmosis and an increased risk of schizophrenia in humans.

First few minutes about that.


One less thing to worry about!

It’s a bit scary to think about the health costs to our society of all the people with diabetes who will likely have dementia as they age.


Interesting tidbit while I was doing research for a paper I never finished about testosterone. Sex hormones, in testing, have been found to reduce or completely stop the production of the dreaded tau protein that is attributed to most of Alzheimer’s symptoms.
Also, unlike SSRI’s that prevent the re-uptake of serotonin, sex hormones have been found to increase and repair the up-taking synapses. This occurs for most neurotransmitter’s, not just serotonin.
The good news is that this appears to be a benefit of sex hormones in general not just testosterone, but androgen’s are focus of the testing.

So, in short, TRT or Estrogen therapy may prove useful in mitigating the effects of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

The rat testing looks promising, anyway. But given the age and minimal risk of sex hormone therapy, especially later in life it may be worth a go if you are diagnosed with an age related brain disorder.

So we need to 'roid up our elders!


^^ This article does not cover all I talked about, but it’s a good start if you are curious.


Thanks for the tag. I’ll have to watch the video later. At the moment all I know about toxoplasmosis is that it’s spread from the cat’s poop and they get it from catching and eating rodents.


Forget about our elders. I’m thinking about 'roiding up myself!

Apparently, there’s some evidence that HRT (E and P) may help protect the brain, help cognition in the early stages of menopause, so something to consider in the coming years. It looks like the research is mixed. HRT may not have the same positive effects on brain aging in older women.

Mostly, I’m used to having spectacular health and feeling great all the time, and I’m having a hard time accepting the idea that aging may involve not feeling so great. Hormones are real, and this is a bummer. Erg…