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The Science Thread


There is a distinct reason for this. The world has gotten palpably more dangerous. Many of us parents would rather see our kids fat and on the couch than raped and murdered. Perhaps the media has played a role in this, but I think that line is over played.

When I went out as a kid, I made it home for supper dirty and sweaty. My mom, sort of had an idea of where I was and who I was with, but she couldn’t contact me. Now we are terrified of this and it’s not all together unfounded. We have crime and abductions event in the safest parts of town… That’s scary stuff. Especially if your kid is a girl…


While it may feel that way to you, this is simply not true.

Hello, false choice.


This is true. I never had to worry about those damn Vikings or Mongols invading my village and getting all raped and pillaged, until now.


In the nature of this thread. Does FBI crime data count as science or statistics?


Duh, it counts as Deep-State propaganda, sheeple.


For what it’s worth, I apologize to my fellow T Nation members for my part in the distraction. I should have known and been better.


I agree that we are terrified of this–at least if we have hearts at all–and that it isn’t entirely unfounded. Unfortunately I think you and I fall on the opposite ends of the spectrum on this. I put far more influence on the 24/7 news cycle (now augmented with social media for extra fear!) and mass media.

For instance, you’d never know we were near 30 year violent crime lows listening to the news. But we are. Violent crime has fallen between 50% and 75% since 1993 depending on which bureau stats you use, so have property crimes.


Not a problem Pat. I’ve known you’ve been on here for years and you’re a good poster with a lot of worthwhile thoughts. I just needed to call things before it got worse.


Damn sure better than the eighties. But I perhaps need to look at the break down because crime in the 70s and 80s it was rediculously high… in the big cities. Not so much in rural areas or the burbs.
Even though over all crime is down, what is there seems to me to be a bit more spread out.