The Science of Dehydration...

Has anyone ever experienced an actual INCREASE in energy/strength when in a mildly degydrated state?

I first experienced this as a runner. I had been out late drinking and had a run the next morning (I know…young and stupid). I woke up feeling less-than-perfect yet ran the race of my life. I felt incredible (no, I wasn’t still drunk).

I have cyclist friends who have very similar stories. Last week I got majorly dehydrated at Ozzfest (I must have lost 12 lbs in water weight - it was freakin’ HOT) and figured my workouts for the rest of the week would be lackluster. But actually, they were WAY above average!

Obviously I would never consider doing this regularly or consciously at all, but I was wondering if anyone had any explanation? How performance actually increase under sub-optimal body conditions? I also wonder if this contributes to the good workouts people tend to have after being sick (cold/flu usually = dehydration).

And yes, I read today’s “Cool Tip”…


For some reason i perform better at sporting events (basketball and baseball)when beat up and sort of dehydrated, too.

The only explanation i have is maybe since I know i am beat up i dont expect to do much and dont worry or stress too much.