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The Satisfaction


I got done with a pretty grueling squat workout today, and after I got done with that last rep in the last set, I collapsed to the ground and staired off into space, not in pain and exhaustion, but in satisfaction.

So my question is, who else gets that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after you just get done kicking your ass on the Squat? (this could also go for the deadlift and bench press)


After a good squat session I like to get down to my speedo and do slow body-weight lunges all throughout the gym to show my pumped muscular thighs and glutes.



the onlookers give me horrific gasps... but I know they envy my swollen legs..


You know Dezz that reminded me of a time long ago when I used to where a speedo. After my massive squats I used to launch my legs in the air without a care laying on my back breathing in the air. I guess I probably looked like a synchronized swimmer laying on the floor as the lights got dimmer. As everyone gazed at me in awe and there puzzled faces is what I saw.

So I waved my legs back and forth to put on a show, my quads and hams swaying to and froe. And then as I came to I looked around and saw a guy doing lunges in a speedo, it was you!


i do the same thing. but i like to bring oil to oil my legs up and a spotlight to shine on my legs so that everyone can see them in all their glory.