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The SARMS Experiment

I am sure the topic of SARMS has been raised several times, and I would be willing to bet that people do not put a lot of faith in them, particularly when comparing them to more intense PEDs. However, I have been toying with the idea for a long time of trying a cycle of steroids, but because of my fear of needles and the side effects (hair loss being high on that list) I have not yet taken the plunge. So, I thought I would try SARMS to see if the benefits would be enough to satisfy my needs.

First, this is not a pitch. I am not trying to sell anything, so I will not name the source.

Second, I am not a body builder. I run marathons, triathlons, distance cycling and kick boxing and I am looking to improve my times and get a bit more competitive. Although, a little more muscle mass would be nice, just for the ego.

I will be taking Cardarine and Ligandrol, 20mg per day of each, in liquid form.

Currently, my stats are:
Age: 36
Height: 178cm (Although, I don’t expect that to change)
Weight: 73kg (Basically slim, but a little excess around the mid section)

Both knees cause trouble
Right shoulder pain from an old injury
Left hip pain.

10km run, 46 minutes (best), 55-minutes average

60km cycling, sitting comfortably at 30-35kph

Boxing, gassing out by the 4th round

I will update this next week with any, or the lack of any, changes.

We have similar stats (age, goals). I’m interested to see your results as they pertain to sports-related performance. Best of luck on your endevour!

First thing. This stuff does not taste anything like something you should be drinking.

LGD is rather suppressive and at 20mg a day coupled with another SARM you should certainly have blood work done an monitor your hormone. SARMS are not as harmless as many on the internet would have you believe. I’d have a PCT on hand and be ready to see some negative impact on test levels.

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Lgd was suppressive for me as well. I went ahead and ran 10mg 3x/day for 6 weeks and added 600mg /wk of test cyp. I was happy with the cycle and if it was easy for me to get more lgd, I would run again. I Def ran a Clomid pct afterwards and things came right back.

So, at the end of the first week, I can’t say I have noticed any major changes, but I am perhaps a little more energetic, generally. I weighed in at 73.4kg yesterday, which is a slight rise, but there are some other factors that could contribute to that.

Unfortunately, I put my knee out last week so I have been unable to run my usual 30-50km per week, which would have been the real litmus test. However, I have been able to get back on the bike this week and feeling pretty good with it. I have also spent significantly more time lifting and working on resistance exercises, and finding the motivation for that has been easier.

The major negative so far is that I have found myself a little more irritable than usual, although I am not certain it’s connected.

In response to the above comments, I have decided to reduce the LGD to 10mg per day. Cheers for the input.

I will check in again next week with another update.

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I haven’t kept a weekly update, as I said I would because there has been no significant change to mention. I continued taking 20mg of both cardarine and ligandrol, daily. However, with the exception of some headaches that I am fairly certain were related, nothing much has changed.

In the early stages, I had felt that the beginning of my run (first 5km or so) was a lot more explosive, but the overall time showed only slight improvement. My weight hasn’t changed significantly, and whilst I do feel a little leaner, this could just as likely be explained by the fact I have stayed more on point with diet, fitted a few extra workout session in during the week and we have been enjoying a better climate for outdoor sports.

My honest assessment is that SARMS do very little, for me at least. Certainly, when you consider the cost and the reported risks involved against the potential benefits, they’re not worth it.

For me, I am going to accept the fact that I am pushing 40 and my best competitive days are probably behind me. Time to just enjoy the sport for its own sake.