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The Saga of The Charming Albino


New log. The other was stupid long. If you care about the last year of training you can look at the thread "An Uncommon Pursuit."

I dunno who the heck I'm writing this to...

Anyway, go here


if you don't have a life and a do have some spare time.


To your enthralled internet audience, of course. Ok, new log, new beginning. What are your current goals? Why late to the game?


Same as last year with an edit and + 1 item:

200 lb overhead press (185 gym best)
300 lb bench (275 gym best to date)
400 lb squat (385 is gym best so far)
550 DL (already got 515)

Weigh 200 lbs

I will have a meal plan in place by next Monday.

Why "Late to the Game?" I really don't know, it just popped into my head...

Maybe "Underweight Sexaholic?"

"Will Work for Food?"

"Don't Touch That?"

Who wants to name my thread?


Started a spreadsheet of my PRs, cuz I can't keep my lies straight.

Modi gave me one a while back, about two operating system installs ago, so it is long gone and now I have to do the work myself, dangit.


I wish I had never seen this.

I wish I was rich.

I wish that I didn't suddenly have the urge to sell my kid.

I wish that I could rid myself of the desire for such an object.



Oooooooo, that's nice!


I wish you hadn't posted that link. Maybe we don't need that 2nd car...


Well my kids are too old to sell.


Looking around at belts. I'm thinking a nice understated silver grey with two prongs from eliteFTS. Whispers sophistication and elegance without being gay...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sizing though, is the question. I have a 32 waist which is the top end of the small so as I gain weight I'll out grow it? Whereas 33 is the bottom end of the medium, so it'll start out being too loose. I would think that tighter is better so maybe the small is the way to go. 15 lbs isn't going to put that much on my waist, anyway.


How bout,
"Yang me, crank me, don't wake me up and thank me." Can't believe they make belts that small. Mine costs about the same and I get my money's worth. Never be green with all the animals that die.


I went with the inexpensive black nylon with Velcro and the first one was too small. Try some on in a store to get a feel for the sizing. I also went with the back Chuck Taylor high tops for shoes - guess I have a thing for black...


I just bought a new pair of chucks - black by gollee. Hard to get, surprisingly. No Valero for me. Suede leather. Not a bad idee to tryon if I can find a place that sells that type of beltishness. Bay Area: Abercrombie and Fitch;check. 13mm 4in wide powerlifting belts; mmmmm...notsomuch.


Late to the game?

I've got game! Way more truth with this one.

Who stole my squat rack! Your link created that one.


Every so often I go over to Get A Life (Off Topic) to remind myself why I removed that particular forum from my forum list.

I need a shower and a moist towelette for my brain...


Don't like reading the dribble of the posting whores!


I may resemble that remark, actually...been feeling like a post whore of late.


Haven't been outside this forum except to the war room in a long time. Nice power rack. I use to live in Vacaville when I was stationed at Travis AFB.


No doubt!! Looking forward to following this new thread Skid


i would go with a lever belt from inzer. they are pretty affordable and have a lifetime guarantee. if you really want a prong belt... two prongs is a real pain in the ass to get on.


are the lever belts legal in all federations? I've been wondering about that. It looks monster badass, and if I had 60 bucks, I would buy one for coolness alone

I would get it pink and not get a better color until I deadlift 600 (currently stuck at 405, so prepared for long term pinkishness)
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