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The Saga of Eliteballa

Found this at MESO rx

“I was finally getting improvment on how frequent erections occured etc. Then i had a whole bunch of cabage and everythign went by by. I didnt know untill now that cabbage has dim in it. Which is everything that i dont want at this point”

New thread

-From a poster

"I hope this link works. It’s from over at T-Mag.com and this eliteballa bozo posted the same pics over there. They absolutely hammered this kid. The good shit starts about half way down on the second page. Funniest thread I’ve seen in years:


From eliteballa

“Fuck u all man, i work hard for my results. I just asked for help but ur all ass holes i guess. Reason for the shoe was for this contest who can make most results in shortest amount of time.Y even ask for help ill just do the shit myself and end up f-ing myself up thanks.”

It looks like he hasn’t mastered the english language yet either.

There was another thread here recently that linked to another site thread where he must have blown out his testicles using some goofy sea weed supp or something.

It’s wierd. Kids like this used to get hit by trains or set themselves on fire.
I guesse this is the modern equivalent.

Why doesn’t he change his name?